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Best in Wireless Running Headphones

Posted in Articles on 31/7/2018 (updated on 14/2/2020)

Picture of the best in wireless running sports headphones at PB Tech NZ

Wireless earphones are great, effortlessly connecting to your favourite playlists and holding their charge for that marathon-length run! And let's face facts - there is nothing more annoying than going for a run and having your headphone cord aggressively slap you in the face every 2 seconds... Thankfully, times have changed and there are a bunch of new options here at PB Tech that'll have you happily running around listening to your favourite tunes :)

So the question is... which are the best wireless headphones for running?

With earbuds designed for sports, the sweatiest of runners, and made to fit the oddest shaped ears, we round up a range of the top models designed specifically for running in 2020 and beyond. All of the models in our list have proven audio ability and solid Bluetooth range, making them ideal for sports & fitness use.

Picture of PowerBeats PRO Sports True Wireless Headphones at PB Tech

1. Powerbeats PRO

Kicking off our list we have a new Beats and Apple collaboration and they're absolutely the best option for those who want great audio for fitness, they're like a sporty version of Apple Airpods.

Using the latest Apple H1 technology in these buds giving you extremely efficient wireless for a better connection, improved range and excellent sound quality.  PowerBeats Pro have a reinforced design for sweat and water resistance with adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for added comfort and stability - they really work too, stopping the buds from falling out whilst running.

Each earbud is capable of up to 9 hours of listening time so you can keep your music going while you push yourself to the limits, but, should you forget to charge ahead of your workout, a quick 5-minute charge gives around 1.5 hours of playback

With hands-free controls via “Hey Siri” on compatible iOS devices, or a simple push the 'b' button, you'll be connected while you go go go!

Check out the new PowerBeats PRO range at PB Tech today, available in Classic Black, Navy Blue, Moss Green & Ivory White.

Picture of SOL Republic MINT Wireless Headphones at PB Tech

2. Sol Republic RELAYS Sport

Next up we have the new Sol Republic Bluetooth Sport Wireless Headphones, though they aren't True Wireless Headphones like the ones above they're still great for running about thanks to the convenient design which allows you to easily access your wireless earbuds.

No more untangling, no more searching, Sol Republic Relays allow you to quickly pop the earbuds in and out without hassle. Weighing in at around 21g, the whole package is both comfortable and durable.

See the full range of Sol Republic at PB Tech today!

Picture of BOSE Sports Headphones at PB Tech

3. BOSE SoundSport

Looking for something along the same lines, but with a few extras that make them really special? (and a bit more expensive) Check out the new BOSE SoundSport Free True Wireless with their incredibly audio!

When it came to the tech inside these earbuds, BOSE focused on every little detail-from tuning the circuits for improved sound to tweaking the antenna position for maximum Bluetooth signal strength. The result? Headphones that play consistently and clearly whether your phone is in your hand, in your pocket, strapped to your arm or sitting on top of the treadmill - and there's never a wire in sight.

Check out the amazing range in the BOSE Store at PB Tech today!

Picture of Jaybird Sports Headphones at PB Tech

4. Jaybird X4

Swinging back to a more traditional sports headphone design with the Jaybird X4, we find a set of earphones that deliver no matter how far you push yourself. The Jaybird X4 series ticks all the boxes, with IPX7 certification making them sweat and weatherproof and various ear fittings included so you can match the earphones to your specific ears - keeping them locked in place while you run - they even have 8 hours of battery to match your amazing endurance! 

Check out the latest colours our Jaybird Store at PB Tech.

Picture on Best Value Skullcandy Sports Headphones at PB Tech

5. Skullcandy Jib+

Next up, and offering some of the best value wireless earphones we've ever seen, are the Skullcandy Jib+ In-Ear Sport Wireless. Skullcandy sport earbuds are both lightweight and comfortable - meeting sports addict's needs. Featuring waterproof and sweatproof design and up to 8 hours of music playback, you're sure to find them great while you exercise.

While not the fanciest in our list, these certainly offer a great value wireless experience for those on a budget - check out the full range in the massive Skullcandy Store at PB Tech today! (really do, our Skullcandy Store is awesome)

So what are you waiting for? Now you know which are the best wireless headphones for running grab yourself a pair and get going! Be sure to keep an eye on our Tips and News section for more buying guides and info on the latest products!

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