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22 Years of Crucial Celebrations!

Posted in Articles on 10/9/2018

Crucial 22nd Anniversary Celebrations at PB Tech

Crucial is celebrating their 22nd Anniversary and they've just given us a massive bunch of presents! Starting today, and for the next 30 days, we'll be giving away some of their latest creations - MX500 500GB SSD and Crucial 2x8GB RGB DDR4 RAM kits!

You'll be able to join in on the fun as we give away all this awesome tech over the next 30 days - we have 15x MX500 SDD and 15x Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR4 RGB Kits up for grabs!

See the Crucial 22nd Anniversary Event Here!

Before we jump into all the fun lets take a look at some of the big steps Crucial have taken over the last 22 years - they certainly have been busy and it's always fun to take a look back and see all the cool stuff that's happened in tech - those shiny gold heatsinks on DDR2 RAM kits back in 2004 looked awesome!

22 Years with Crucial 2016-2018

Following the big 20 Crucial have released a variety of very different, and very cool memory products. Looking specifically at 2018 we see the two awesome items that we'll be giving away in our anniversary celebrations - The DDR4 Ballistix Tracer RGB Ram Kits and MX 500 Solid State Drives!

The RAM will likely jump out to anyone who has been shopping for new DDR4 RGB to use within their Gaming PC recently, it features in a top spot within our RGB Ram Kits at PB Tech article and is certainly unique being the ONLY kit which allows you to 3D print the light capturing component of the kit - allowing some really vibrant and unique results. The MX Series of SSD has been utterly unmissable thanks to it position in the best sellers list, taking a look now and I can see the 500GB version is happily claiming it's spot in our top 5!  

Flashing back another 5 years (pun intended) we see a whole lot of older favourites :) At the time the BX200 was amongst the fastest SSD you could get for the price, that mSata drive saw a whole lot of interest amongst Macbook lovers and that public demonstration of DDR4 memory in 2013 was referred to as a guide by pretty much everybody in the industry!

Also, although it's not highlighted above, 2013 was also when the Ballistix 'Sport' series took its spot in the limelight as one of the best kits for high-performance PC users after a DDR4 kit with really low clearance, and the smashed out versions in red, white and gunmetal which are still going strong - albeit they are much faster now!

Snapshotting 2008, back when Crucial released their very first SSD it didn't take them long to improve the technology releasing the worlds first 6GB/s C300 just two years later in 2010! In between the Crucial team also launched their .fr website offering Produits et services throughout France and greater Europe and jam-packed with glorious reviews, awards and product guides.

Flowing through the early to mid 00's we see that glorious golden heatsink debut in 2004, and this carried through to the high-end kits DDR3 of 2007. A system scanner for Mac was released in 2006, allowing Mac users to quickly and easily find the right kit for their Apple device - something that was remarkably complicated back then! In 2001 was voted the 'best place to by memory' by computer shopper - and that ties into something remarkable that happened just before!

That's right, back in 2000 Crucial became the first website to sell DDR kits directly to end users. This was an addition to the popular 'memory advisor' tool that went live in 1998, which made what was previously thought of as a complicated process pretty easy to understand thanks to all the guides - but it's important to note that upgrading them yourself at the time was somewhat niche and the internet was new and exciting, nowadays it's all become pretty commonplace!

And that brings us to 1996 - the start of Crucial by Micron and a wonderful 22 year long journey that will undoubtedly continue to grow. We'll be kicking off our celebrations soon so be sure to keep your eyes on our PB Tech Facebook, PB Tech Instagram and PB Tech Twitter for your chance to grab some of these awesome presents! 

See the latest in the Crucial Store at PB Tech!

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