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Fortnite Gaming PC & Nvidia Shadowplay Highlights at PB Tech

Posted in Articles (updated on 05/11/2018)

Fortnite Gaming PC at PB Tech

If you're running Nvidia in your Gaming PC it's very likely you're already using a software package known as Nvidia Experience to update drivers and optimise your games settings automatically, but this software can do a whole lot more too - with ShadowPlay you can capture or stream your excellent gameplay without the need for additional game capture hardware! 

Nvidia and Fortnite have taken this excellent feature a step further with what is known as ShadowPlay Highlights, this allows the Nvidia software to work within Fortnite and capture your best gaming moments automatically!

Every kill, death, and Victory Royale moment is captured for easy sharing with all your friends - allowing you to show off your best and worst moments with ease.

Once Shadowplay is enabled inside Nvidia Experience you'll see a pop appear when you launch the Fortnite game inviting you to turn on ShadowPlay Highlights, selecting yes will allow your Nvidia Gaming PC to automatically capture the best gameplay moments - these will be saved to the videos folder on your Windows 10 PC, in a sub-folder named Fortnite.

OK, so now you've been gaming for a while and ShadowPlay Highlights has been happily doing its thing, open up the Nvidia Experience window and you'll now see a collection on wonderful videos here also - from here you can share the raw footage to Facebook, YouTube and a few other places with a single click, or create a quick 15-second GIF from your favourite ShadowPlay video, add text, and then upload it!

It's important to note that right now you if you have highlights enabled, you won't be able to use the manual ShadowPlay recording options, but turning off/on highlights is as easy as jumping into your Fortnite settings.

And the manual stuff is pretty cool too!

With ShadowPlay on manual mode, you can turn on/off game capture with ALT+F9 and it will record for as long as you have hard space. You can also use the always recording feature which will cache video as you play, but only save it when you push ALT+F10, recording everything that happened previously.  ALT+Z will bring up all the wonderful settings for this, allowing you to set the length of time and quality you want to capture in!

These Game Capture features are available within all of our Nvidia Gaming PCs, but we've got some new GGPC models with ShadowPlay captured gameplay to check out so you can see just how great the quality of the recording is for yourself. 

All the gameplay below was captured using Nvidia ShadowPlay, we've also got an FPS counter top left in each video so you can see how the different configurations for build vary - and the exact in-game settings used are shown at the end of each video.

Fortnite ShadowPlay at PB Tech

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Subscribe to the PB Tech channel:

Nvidia Shadowplay can also happily capture gameplay at 3840x2060 4K 60FPS quality, so if you're packing the latest RTX series graphics cards you'll be able to enjoy playing and sharing your videos at this incredible resolution too!

Jumping onto the cube below with the new RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti we can see the amazing performance at 4K. With the new RTX 2080Ti able to stay above 60FPS on full epic settings!

Fornite Shadowplay in 4K at PB Tech

Subscribe to the PB Tech channel:
Subscribe to the PB Tech channel:

You can check out all the lastest Gaming PC builds at PB Tech right now but be sure to grab Nvidia ones if you're after these Shadowplay features, for those who aren't really into Fortnite you'll be happy to know this new Highlights feature is compatible with other games too, like the upcoming Battlefield! 

We'll keep updating this article with more fun videos so be sure to keep your eyes on PB Tech Tips & News for the latest!

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