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Correction Notice - Daily Steal

Posted in Company Announcements on 08/10/2018

Hey there PB Customers,

Sometimes we slip up – and in PB Tech’s Daily $teal (8.10.18) we made an error when comparing our price to a competitor. Whoopsies!

 We accidentally advertised the Loctek F206DBT Office Exercise Bike With Laptop Tray for $180 with a 40% saving, that saving is found when comparing our Special Price to the price currently being advertised at a competitor. There is only a 21% saving when comparing to our normal price of $230. The line should read Why pay $319 elsewhere, today at PB Tech pay only $180, buy at PB Tech and you save over 40%”. Please disregard the previous incorrect wording displayed on our website as part of this promotion. 

We apologise for the confusion and any inconvenience caused.

 PB Tech

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