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January Prize in Photo Booth - Be in to WIN a $100 PB Tech Gift Card!

Posted in Articles on 15/1/2019 (updated on 31/12/2019)

Monthly Photo Competition!

It's time for another awesome competition for December and we've got more awesome prizes for those who love taking photos in the Photo Booth Facebook Group - Powered by PB!

Theme: HOT

We hope everybody had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a happy new year! Our January theme is 'HOT' and we're looking for photos from your summer adventures, perhaps a family BBQ or roasted marshmallows by the campfire! As usual, it's open to personal interpretation and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

We've got an awesome prize up for grabs this month!

January Members' Choice: $100 PB Tech Gift Card

Get snapping and may the best photos WIN!

How can I win these you ask? Well! It's all a part of a Facebook Group that PB Tech supports each month - Photo Booth - Powered by PB Tech!

Via Sue @ Photo Booth: The Photo Booth group is a private Facebook community in which you can share photos taken with anything from little smartphones, to big fancy cameras. You can share any photos you like but we now also have a theme for each month, and posting photos to suit these could win you something great :)

There are some really great photos that come through with each monthly theme, once you're a member of the group you'll be able to see them all!

If you love photography and want to join us, please visit the Photo Booth Facebook Page and click "join group"

PB Tech is proud to support Photo Booth with prizes to be awarded to those who share the best photos matching the theme of each month - so if you love taking photos, share your best for the chance to WIN!


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