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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas at PB Tech

Posted in Events (updated on 12/2/2020)

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Valentine's day is almost here! That means there is still time to get that special someone something special! 

To make things super easy we've assembled a list of excellent electronics that are sure to put a smile to their face - with techie treats for him or her, even batteries bulk buys for that single friend!

Below you'll find our top picks and some of the options are pretty expensive so below we've also got some very useful lists that sort gift ideas to suit a range of budgets.

You can be my Player Two!

Nothing says "you are a part of my life" more than gifting them their very own controller - no more scummy seconds for you my love! Of course, this means that they'll now have a newer, and likely better controller than you do, so you might want to consider getting yourself a new one too!

A Vacuum Cleaner!?

It might seem a little odd to see this kind of thing so far up our list, but a lot has changed since the gift her a hoover days and this new wave robotic vacuum is actually a gift of time, because once you've got one you won't actually be doing much vacuuming anymore freeing up more time for snuggles.

Treat their eyes with a 4K TV!

A 4K TV for Valentine's day?!  HaHa you say, what is this madness! Well, times have changed for 4K prices too and you can pick up a brand new 50" 4K Philips TV for a fraction of what they used to cost - and with this fine screen to watch movies on with your besty the opportunity to netflix and chill is raised exponentially (in precise alignment with the decreasing price of 4K TV at PB Tech*)

Home movies with this awesome 4K camera!

If you've already got the big screen it could be time to start making some 4K videos of your own to watch on it. This awesome little 4K camera and stabilised gimbal system will allow you to get the perfect shot from any angle, upside down, right way up - even reverse cowboy is no problem for the incredible OSMO Pocket 4K Camera! 

Stimulate those ears with great audio!

Good audio is so wonderful it doesn't even need to be sexy, a good set provides an escape into your own little daydream, drowning out the outside world and replacing it with a better version that has your favourite music or podcast playing all the time, this isn't a sexytime gift, but it's an excellent one they'll appreciate and use - and that's what matters.

Instant Prints with Canon this Valentine's day!

These nifty little cameras are a popular gift every valentines day since release, but it's a two-part plan - so pay close attention!  The basics are you get the Canon Inspic C camera then take your loved one somewhere nice (a walk on the beach is great) bringing the Inspic C along with you, taking fun photos as you go, laughing and having fun, oh so in love, but now with actual pictures of the happy times you've shared. This could even be the start of your family photo album... too much pressure?.. breathe, it's all going be OK.

The best life assistant for Apple users!

If you or your partner is an iPhone user, the popular Apple Watch Series is something that can revolutionise their life. From accurate fitness and health tracking to all your notifications and reminders, the Apple Watch Series will complement any lifestyle. With so many different models, colours and sizes, you'll definitely find the perfect one!

The best life assistant for Android & Apple users!

Don't fear Android users, we haven't forgotten about you! BIG BRANDS like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi all have some amazing Smart Watches that make for great gift ideas. One of our favourites is the Mi Band 4 and you guys think so too with over 80 5 star reviews! But make sure to explore our huge range and find that perfect one!

Ride off into the sunset on a Mi Electric Scooter!

The Mi Scooters are so much fun you'll want to get two, and once you do you'll be happily enjoying romantic rides together around mission bay with the wind blowing in your hair - people looking on, shouting that you look so dashing, so handsome, such an attractive couple! It makes me remember of that age-old saying, couples that scoot together, stay together!* 

*I have no real data to back this up

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