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Display Solutions for Education

Posted in Articles (updated on 21/8/2019)

Display Solutions for Education

Most lesson plans and presentations today have a digital or interactive component to them, integrating different mediums such as audio, images, and video to create a more immersive learning experience. 

With interactive materials, teachers save time from having to constantly rewrite the material every time they have to teach the class and can focus on improving the material instead. 
Displays also open the possibility for the whole class to collaborate on the same material at the same time (such as by working on a shared document) allowing them to benefit from peer-to-peer learning and teaching in real-time.

Students also benefit by familiarising themselves with digital collaboration tools from a young age, picking up skills that will carry them through their higher education and to their working life beyond.

Choosing the right display solution for your school, university or organisation can play a pretty big factor in how engaging and effective your presentations and lessons are. 
Screen clarity and image quality are important features so you know your students can see what's going on, but then there are other things you might want to consider such as interactivity, and extra features that can elevate how you present your lessons.

With so many display solutions to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. We've put together a list of our top recommendations from each category to help make the choice easier for you.

Our handy list features Newline Displays, TVs, Projectors, Wireless Adapters and other TV/Projector accessories. 

Interactive Displays for Education

Interactive displays (aka smart boards) are a fantastic display solution for schools that offer up great flexibility that can really aid in the teaching process! These displays help teachers create an interactive and dynamic learning environment that will not only improve the efficiency of their lessons, but also increase effectiveness and student engagement.

A study by Smart Tech found that collaborative technology and group learning increases the likelihood of student success by 3.4 times.

Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series Smartboard

For a high-performance option, check out the Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series (our specialists consider this to be the best option for Education). This comes in 3 large sizes of 65”, 75” and 86” on a beautiful 4K Ultra HD display.

It delivers amazing clarity and superior 178° viewing angles, so students’ will have clear view on the screen from wherever they are seated.

This digital whiteboard is extremely interactive with support for object recognition, recognises when you use your finger, stylus, or palm, and then reacts on the screen as either a marker, thin pen, or eraser.

One of the awesome features you’ll appreciate about this is the ability to effortlessly share your screen and files wirelessly.

Wirelessly cast your screen directly to the display, and share your students' work or start a presentation, all with the click of a button.

Televisions for Education

Televisions are now becoming more popular than ever in education. With their improved clarity, rich colour production, and mobility (when paired with a trolley), we can understand why.

The great thing about shopping for a TV is there are so many brands and models to choose from, opening you up to a lot of options for different needs and budgets. The bad thing about a lot of options though, is it can get quite overwhelming, so here to help narrow those choices down for you.

Philips 6133 Series - Smart TV

The Philips 6133 Series is currently one of the go-to models for schools. Why? They feature a crystal clear 4K UltraHD LED Display that has a stunning resolution quality, but you don’t have to pay a premium price for it! Better yet, the 6133 series have Smart TV capabilities for easy operation and navigation between TV apps such as YouTube, Google, and more!

The 6133 has an ultra slim design with easy VESA compatible mounting, so finding a space for it in the classroom should be no problem. Plus, with up to four HDMI and two USB ports, you can easily connect your laptop, DVD, Blu-Ray, peripherals and more!


For a more advanced option, the KONIC 65” Ultra HD LED TV is a great choice for educational environments and is equipped with a 4K panel, built-in Freeview, true colour enhancement, Dolby premium sound and heaps of other great features for that premium in-class viewing experience!

The widescreen TV comes in a large 65” screen size that will draw in the whole classroom; even students at the back of the classroom will get a great viewing experience. With three HDMI ports, you have an abundance of options for Blu-ray, DVD, PC and heaps of other media devices.

With real-time intelligent colour enhancement technology and a wide colour spectrum, every pixel is enhanced to re-create the original image as intended on the high resolution LED display, producing realistic skin tones and contrast. Image quality will be stunning, vibrant and clear - perfect for media classes!

Often overlooked when making a television purchase, sound is a very important feature and the quality of sound produced can greatly enhance students viewing experience. Dolby products and technology help produce premium, clear and realistic audio experiences, which will help keep students locked in on engaging content.

Horion 65” TV

Horion TVs have emerged as another strong contender for televisions in schools. They offer a whopping 65 inches of screen real estate you can’t say no to with a gorgeous 4K UHD Display. With technologies like advanced processing power and rich colours and contrast, lesson plans and presentations with appear vibrant even in bigger classrooms.

Its slim form factor gives it a low profile that takes up little room whether teachers are mounting it onto a wall or onto a trolley to be used in multiple learning spaces. It comes with 3 HDMI outputs and doesn’t compromise on sound quality either with Dolby MS12 features universal decoding for all audio formats required to match: Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby® Digital, HE-AAC, all AAC bitstreams, and Dolby AC-4.

Projectors for Education

Projectors have always been a reliable display solution for almost any educational environment and offer great versatility by allowing you to adjust the display size. Whether it’s for PowerPoints, videos or browsing the web, projectors are a great option for large classrooms or lecture environments and allows everyone in the room to see what’s on the screen.

Epson EB-W140 Projector

The Epson EB-W140 is a solid entry-level projector that features 3LCD technology. This projector is a great entry-level option as it projects at 1280 x 800, which is perfect for a small to mid-sized classroom that requires basic display needs for PowerPoints and browsing web pages.

The EB-W140 can provide up to 3x brighter colours and with 3,300 lumens for brighter and richer images. This will deliver less strain on students eyes while note taking and can help them concentrate better for improved productivity.

With 6,000 hours of use in normal mode and 10,000 in eco mode, this projector is durable enough to get you through the year without having to worry about replacing anything. The Epson iProjection App allows teachers to display and control content from any Apple, Android or Chrome device, which can allow you to travel light and present from your mobile device.

Epson EB-X140 Projector

The Epson EB-X140 is also a reliable option, with 6,000 hours of use in normal mode and 10,000 hours of use promised in ECO mode.
The EB-140 Series is easier to control than ever through its Auto Power On feature.

There is no need to turn on the power using the remote control or the power button on the projector itself because start-up is activated with cable insertion. With Sleep Mode (A/V Mute) you can pause your presentation or movie without turning the projector off. The projector also enables you to quickly power down, pack up and go with its Instant Off® feature, allowing you to control your projector with the flip of a switch.

The EB-X140 weighs only 2.5kgs, enabling it to be carried from room to room easily, yet still capable of highly visible images thanks to its high brightness (up to 3,400lm) and superior 15,000:1 contrast ratio. Room lights don't have to be dimmed to see bright and clearly projected images.


Google Chromecast 3

Google Chromecast 3 is a small device that provides an easy way to deliver educational videos and media. With a super simple setup, you can stream any educational content while also mirroring your android smartphone or tablet to any website or presentation.

This can be ideal for teachers who find it easier to present PowerPoints or lectures on their own personal smartphone or tablet and can eliminate the need for a work laptop.

DishTV Smart Vu 4K UHD Media box

DishTV Smart Vu 4K UHD which gives teachers access to all the apps on the Google Play store on top of having Chromecast built-in at a very appealing price point.

The DishTV magnetises easily to the back of the TV, making it easy to store while in use and allowing mobile teaching units to be more streamlined.

Apple TV 4th Gen

The Apple TV 4th Generation comes equipped with a tonne of updated software to improve performance for any purpose.

Apple TV is a great option for the classroom if you use Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or MacBook and provides easy connectivity with these devices through airplay.

Easily mirror your Apple device’s screen or stream educational media videos from a range of applications in the App Store.

Ready to make your classes more interactive and engaging?

Talk to our education specialists today about the best display solutions for your institution.

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