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Apple Teacher Day

Posted in Articles on 29/3/2019

Apple Teacher Day

What is Apple teacher day?

A one-day course designed to help teachers unleash their creativity with the iPad while unpacking the new Digital Technology Curriculum.  

During this fun and meaningful workshop, teachers will be supported to explore how they can use the iPad in a creative way to unpack the new Digital Technology Curriculum. Participants will enjoy hands-on activities and lively discussions around the integration of ideas into their existing practices.  

All participants will be equipped with clear ideas and resources to integrate into their classroom programmes. 

What will you learn?

During this one-day course you will: 

  • Have the opportunity to unpack what the Digital Technology Curriculum entails
  • Explore Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Create’ series, which ignites classroom practice on how to use Photography, Video, Drawing, and Music for teaching and learning.  
  • Participate in creative activities that will enrich your teaching and learning skills with the iPad 
  • Discover ways to integrate the new Digital Technology Curriculum into what you are already doing in your classroom 
  • Have fun!  

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for any teacher or school leader who is interested in developing a pedagogically sound understanding of the new Digital Technology Curriculum. The content will be applicable to primary and intermediate aged students who use iPads in their classroom.



  • Term One: 10 April, Auckland (Donna Golightly).
  • Term Two: 13 May Christchurch (Adrian Francis), 15 May Auckland (Adrian Francis), 21 May Napier (Donna Golightly), 31 May Palmerston North (Donna Golightly), 14 June New Plymouth (Donna Golightly).

Where: Venue TBC

Cost: $49 +GST  

To learn more about the event and speakers or to register, click here!

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