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Best Touchscreen Windows Laptops for Students

Posted in Articles on 15/4/2019

Best Touchscreen Windows Laptops for Education

Whether you're jotting down notes, sketching a masterpiece, creating graphs or just quickly zooming in on a photo, touchscreens add a lot of versatility to your average laptop. Thanks to technological advances, laptop touchscreens have gone through vast improvements in accuracy and speed as well as battery efficiency, which makes them a great tool for learning.

Touchscreen laptops are terrific for educational purposes through providing a more interactive and collaborative experience for students to learn and study with. If you are after a touchscreen Windows laptop ideal for educational environments then you are in the right place, we have picked our top 3 favourite touchscreen Windows laptops that will deliver solid and reliable performance, while still providing great value for money – plus you can purchase these devices in-store and online right now at PB Tech!

HP x360 11-ab127TU Flip 2-in-1 Education Laptop

To kick off our top touchscreen laptop picks, we have our top device being the HP x360 2-in-1 Education Laptop, which offers a blended learning experience that, can improve learning outcomes, save teachers time, engages students like never before and is all made perfect for any education level.

The x360 features four different learning styles incorporated into the 360° design that has a front-facing camera, the power of Windows 10, and a backlit touchscreen, so students can learn the way that suits them best. Create a more interactive and collaborative learning environment with the ability for students to easily annotate, draw, solve problems, and takes notes right on their screen with integrated premium touch technology. Equipped with Intel Celeron Core processors, students will be empowered to work on multiple applications, run simulations, and be creative with Microsoft Office Suite simultaneously without being slowed down.

With a long battery life for the whole school day, one-year standard limited warranty and a semi-rugged design that can take on anything students throw at it, what more could you want in this flexible touchscreen HP Notebook.

HP ProBook 11 EE G2

For a step up in performance, the HP ProBook 11 EE G2 offers a light, durable design with a reinforced chassis to take on any school environment. Bundled with HP School Pack tools and features will allow students to have uncapped creativity and productivity.   

This ProBook delivers powerful processing with an Intel Core i3 CPU that can easily run multiple applications simultaneously, so students can stay focused and productive throughout the whole school day. Equipped with 8GB of RAM helps to ensure smooth multitasking and quick access to frequently used files and programmes - have minimal delays from breezing through content.

Corning Gorilla Glass helps protect the 11.6” touch-display from scratches and the reinforced keyboard resists minor spills (IP41), so even with this more interactive device, the added protection will help prevent damage from common classroom accidents - helping to deliver a more durable touchscreen laptop ideal for education.

Lenovo 300e Premium Flip 2-in-1 Education Laptop

Engineered for the classroom, the Lenovo 300e convertible education laptop offers a versatile learning experience that adapts to each students learning style with the easily adjustable modes (laptop, tablet, tent or stand). Whether you are taking down notes, drawing artwork or presenting PowerPoints, this flexible device can help students to focus, be creative and foster teamwork.Lenovo 300e LaptopLet’s face it, students can be tough on electronic devices, which is why the Lenovo 300e has a semi-rugged design to ward off damage from bumps and minor drops - durable enough to withstand the rigours of the rough-and-tumble of a school day. Whether you need to connect to the internet or a peripheral device, the 300e can make it happen with multiple ports that deliver powerful and fast connectivity - making this device great for collaboration and exploration with the whole class.

Provide students with more options to learn with an included Active stylus pen that provides the ability to draw, diagram, annotate and takes notes directly on the 300e’s display - with pin-point accuracy and precise pressure sensitivity to ensure a natural, intuitive writing experience similar to paper and pen.

Wow, so many amazing Touchscreen Windows Laptops for students and that's just our PB team favourites! Make sure you check out our education page to stay updated with all things related to the classroom!

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