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Best Charging Stations for Schools

Posted in Articles (updated on 18/7/2019)

Best Charging Stations for Schools

In most schools nowadays it’s not unusual to find laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and other devices as educational tools in the classroom as they deliver both an interactive and collaborative way for students to learn. However, as the popularity of using these mobile learning devices continues to grow, charging and storing multiple devices in a limited space becomes a clutter problem and a security risk.

A charging cabinet or charging trolley is one of the most convenient ways to safely store, secure and transport devices, while simultaneously charging them – plus with smart ventilation, cable management and other great features, they can offer solid charging solutions for classrooms.

If you are after a handy charging station for educational environments then you are in the right place, we have picked our top 4 favourite charging stations that will deliver a convenient and mobile charging solution, while still providing great value for money – plus you can purchase these devices in-store and online right now at PB Tech!

Chenbro USB Charging Cabinet - Best For Tablets

To kick things off, we have the Chenbro USB Charging Locker that features 10 charging bays compatible with iPad and Android tablets - making this a great pick for schools using tablets as their primary educational tool.

The locker has a heavy-duty cabinet design ready to take on the rigours of school environments, plus with space-saving options such as easy mounting and a slide-in-door, you can make this charging station work with any classroom setting. Adjustable shelves will help you fit in larger tablets and provides horizontal or vertical placement, plus the stackable design of these cabinets allows them to be easily placed on top of each other - offering a great charging station solution while making better use of classroom space.

The locker delivers the ease of charging, syncing and secure storage for all your tablets, plus the station is equipped with an intelligent ventilation system with a built-in fan to prevent over-heating while in operation, so you can ensure the safety of your tablets and students. Nifty LED lights illuminate the side of the cabinet, easily informing teachers which tablets are fully charged.

Chenbro Storage Charging Cabinet - Best for Chromebooks & Small Devices

If your classroom uses Tablets, Chromebooks and Laptops, the Chenbro Storage Charging Cabinet is a sweet pick that has 14 charging bays and can fit devices with a display size up to 14” - making this great a pick for schools that use a range of devices for education.

Easily secure, protect, store and charge almost any device with this handy charging station designed by NZSTEM. The cabinet has flexible options for a wall mount, caster wheels and a stackable design to suit different classroom environments – offering a range of space-saving and mobile choices.

Inside the device, you will find plastic dividers with cable clips to protect your devices while offering clean cable management solutions. A two-way locking design and solid metal body structure will secure your devices from theft and damage even when you are out of the classroom - plus get an amazing 3-year warranty on this great charging cabinet at PB Tech.

PCLocs Charging Trolley - Best For Versatility & Mobility

For easy transportation of your devices from class to class while keeping them at 100%, the PCLocs Charging Trolley offers a mobile charging solution that is designed to accommodate almost any device, including larger Chromebooks and tablets with cases (just adjust the shelves!). This universal charging trolley is equipped with four handy large baskets that make device deployments faster, easier and safer so that Teachers and IT Administrators can focus on creating an engaging learning environment.

The Carrier Cart and baskets have a compact mobile design with the capability of simultaneously charging 20 mobile devices - plus you can easily monitor your devices battery life with an external charging status display. The ECO Safe Charge power management system will ensure your devices are safely and efficiently charged through handling the power requirements of almost any device, ensuring no power surges or problems will occur while you charge up to 20 devices.


This mobile charging trolley is highly secure featuring a two-point locking system, plus the new combination padlock sliding lids means there is no need to manage keys, ensuring your valuable devices are safe. The PCLocs charging baskets accommodate for larger devices as well, featuring a handy three-level adjustable shelf and optional device racks will let you easily store devices up to 17”.

With other handy features like easy cable management options, external power outlet to charge other devices like projectors or other peripherals and syncing for tablet and iPad devices, what more could you want in this universal mobile charging station?

Chenbro Laptop Trolley - Best For Larger Classes and/or Larger Devices

The Chenbro Laptop Trolley will transport, secure, protect, and charge up to 32 mobile computing devices, and is compatible with almost any devices of tablets, Chromebooks, and Laptops with display sizes up to 15.6". So for a larger class, or one that uses multiple devices, this is the perfect charging trolley!

One of the great features about this cart is that it supports a smart charging model by using an intelligent charging controller. It optimizes the charging mode and prevents the electrical circuit to overload, ensuring the safety and longevity of your devices. Plus, the cart also comes with a cable management system and AC adapter storage. That means set-up is quick and easy, and cables are kept nice and tidy. 

Wow, so many amazing Charging Stations for schools and that's just our PB team favourites! Make sure you check out our education page to stay updated with all things related to the classroom!


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