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Best Charging Stations for schools

Posted in Articles (updated on 20/7/2022)

Due to the popularity of mobile devices, it is not surprising to find laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks in classrooms due to their convenience compared to traditional desktops. According to an IDG study, 91% of students use laptops in school, while 78% use tablets.

As mobile learning devices continue to grow in schools, securely charging and storing these devices is just as important.

Charging stations are one of the most convenient ways to safely store, secure, and transport learning devices in and between classrooms. They also offer a simultaneous charging option, smart ventilation designs, cable management, and other great features.

With so many charging stations in the market, finding suitable charging solutions for your classroom can become challenging.   Our team has selected the top charging stations from trusted brands to make your life easier.

Best for tablets

Ideal in primary school classrooms, the Chenbro DT310PS charging cabinet can transport, secure, and store 10 tablets with a maximum size of 10.1-inch.

The Chenbro DT310PS charging cabinet is easy to manage with its space-saving, slide-in door and adjustable shelves to allow for horizontal or vertical placement. These charging cabinets are stackable, giving classrooms plenty of options to utilise and save space.

The charging cabinet has an intelligent ventilation system with a built-in fan, preventing over-heating while devices are stored away. It has nifty LED lights illuminating on the side, indicating which tablets are fully charged.

Best for Chromebooks and small devices

Like the DT310PS, the Chenbro DN514VSH1401 charging cabinet is an excellent option for your classroom using both tablets and Chromebooks. The cabinet accommodates 14 charging bays for devices with a display size of up to 14-inch.

This charging cabinet offers a variety of space-saving and mobile options where it can be mounted on the wall, transported via installing caster wheels or stacked on top of each other.

Inside the cabinet, devices can be stored in each slot and comes with clips for easy cable management.

The charging cabinet has a solid metal body structure and a two-way locking design, ensuring devices remain safe and secure from thieves. 

Best for medium-sized classrooms

The ALOGIC Smartbox SB-CT24B156 is a cost-effective, safe, and easy to charge and secure up to 24 devices, including laptops and tablets.

Its rugged design and intelligent self-monitoring charging technology make it a veritable workhorse in any classroom or learning environment.

The Smartbox is durable, elegant, and has many innovative design features. Teachers can easily manage student devices with Smartbox’s sturdy dividers, ensuring each one has its slot, which can fit displays up to 15.6-inch. Each charging slot holds power adapters in place, keeping everything tidy.

The Smartbox supports an intelligent charging system, ensuring devices are charged efficiently, and the circuit board does not overload. When in use, each self is charged sequentially in intervals until all the devices are fully charged, and the Smartbox trolley automatically switches off.


Best for larger classrooms and/or larger devices


If you're looking for a charging station that can charge more than 30 devices, then the Chenbro TN132VSH2401 laptop trolley is the best option for your classroom.

Like the other charging trolleys, the Chenbro TN132VSH2401 laptop trolley offers 32 charging bays, accommodating device display sizes up to 15.6-inch. This charging trolley is an excellent option for large classrooms.

The Chenbro laptop trolley supports smart charging technology, ensuring your classroom's mobile devices are charged efficiently.

At the same time, it optimises the power usage and prevents the electrical circuit to overload while it charges devices simultaneously. With cable management and AC adapter storage, storing devices is made easy.


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