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AMD Celebrates their 50th Anniversary!

Posted in Articles on 30/4/2019

Picture of AMD 50th Game Bonus Event

AMD are happily celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and they've released two very special new products for this marvellous milestone!

Firstly, AMD have released a limited edition of their oh so popular CPU, the Ryzen 7 2700X 50th Anniversary Gold Edition. Packing in the same incredible performance you would expect from a Ryzen 7 series this powerhouse gives us 8 cores of processing goodness with a boost clock speed at 4.3 GHz. Being a special edition this also includes a little added bonus with Lisa Su’s signature on the CPU, and also on an included sticker, as well as a coupon for a special 50th-anniversary shirt, and you can even register to redeem a 2x game bonus too!

There is also a new Golden RX 590 Graphics Card from the team at Sapphire (The exclusive AMD GPU partner) and this one is looking spectacular! Literally golden in colour with that gorgeous LED fan lighting Sapphire is famous for, this is sure to become the centrepiece of a few new Gaming PC builds - only a few though, the stock for this GPU and the CPU above is very, very limited worldwide, so be sure to get yours as soon as possible!

Via Dr. Lisa Su, President and Chief Executive Officer of AMD: Founded in 1969 as a Silicon Valley start-up, the AMD journey began with dozens of employees focused on leading-edge semiconductor products. We grew into a global company of 10,000 people, achieving many important industry firsts along the way. From the early days in my engineering career to today, I remain amazed by the impact and future potential of semiconductor technology, and I’m extremely proud to see how far we‘ve come. AMD today develops high-performance computing and visualization products to solve some of the world’s toughest and most interesting challenges. There was never a better time to be in the semiconductor industry, and we are ready to tackle the next 50 years with high-performance computing and graphics solutions that transform all of our lives.

AMD 50th Anniversary Special Editions

Swinging back to the big 50, a lot has happened, and AMD are definitely more popular than ever before! Below are a few highlights from AMD’s journey to 2019 - I had forgotten about the partnership with Intel and glorious ATI Radeon!

- 1969: Advanced Micro Devices is founded by Jerry Sanders, a former electrical engineer and director of marketing for Fairchild Semiconductors.

- 1970: AMD begins selling its first product, a 4-bit MSI shift register called the Am9300.

- 1972: AMD’s goes public! stock listed on the NYSE.

- 1982: AMD partners with Intel to manufacture 8086 and 8088 processors.

- 1993: AMD introduces the very successful Am486 processor.

- 2006: AMD acquires ATI Technologies for approximately $5.4 billion.

- 2017: AMD releases the Zen architecture for x86-64 based CPUs and APUs. They’re very very good too, and the Ryzen series is born!

Fifty years is a looooong time, and AMD are now stronger than ever - from all of us here at PB Tech we wish you all the best success for another 50 years!

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