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Top headphones for education in 2020

Posted in Articles (updated on 07/7/2020)

Best Audio Solutions for Schools at PB Tech

With teachers integrating more digital resources and process into the curriculum, the utility of a good set of headphones cannot be overstated.

Besides allowing students to watch videos or work with audio materials without causing disruptions, headphones and other audio solutions have become popular choices as both staff gifts and student orientation gifts as they’re always well received.

At PB Tech, we have a massive range of great audio solutions for schools. To make the job of choosing audio tech for your school a little easier, we've put together a list of our top recommendations (including our top sellers).

Our handy list will cover a range of audio solutions including affordable and value-focused earphones/headphones perfect for classrooms and libraries and media departments, multi-media speaker systems for videos and presentations in classrooms, and handy PA Speakers for both indoor and outdoor events.

PB Tech also has a range of helpful tools available online for schools can leverage to get better bulk pricing. Get in touch with your account manager about your requirements and discuss having a set price for your institution via our Education portal. We can also include select headphones in your school’s BYOD portal on our website so parents purchasing headphones for their students online can benefit from a school’s purchasing power.

Reliable everyday value earbuds - Panasonic HT161

You really can't go wrong with the Panasonic In-Ear Stereo Earbuds. If all that you're looking for are earphones that produce sound, and are both reliable and super affordable, these ones are a winner! From the trusted and well-known company Panasonic, these in-ear earphones are a great entry-level option for primary or intermediate schools with younger students that just need a simple option for listening to audio and media. You will not find better quality earphones at a price this low so these are a great bulk buy option if you want to ensure your school will always be equipped with sound! Even if a few get broken or lost, you won’t feel too troubled when they're at such a reasonable price.

Our most trusted and popular headphones for education - Panasonic RP-HT161

The Panasonic RP-HT161s are our most popular headphones for education and business, and they're extremely affordable! The comfortable fit that these headphones provide also create a snug seal over the eats that help to isolate music and eliminate external sound.

Sound quality on these are excellent as they're powered by 30mm driver units with a max power input of 1000mW, and an impedance of 32ohms to top it up. These neodymium magnet headphones offer complete value for money.

High-quality over-ear headphones for education - Sennheiser 4.30i

It's always good to have a premium pair of headphones in stow for those projects where the details matter. The Sennheiser HD 4.30is have a closed-back over-ear design creating an exceptional soundscape with precise acoustic response and rich dynamic bass. These headphones are perfect for a high school media department, or music department!

It's not just the sound though — the HD 4.30 comes rather comprehensively equipped. A single-sided tangle-free cable with an integrated 3- button remote plus inline microphone picks up sound with clarity and lets you control the music. These headphones sport soft premium leatherette ear pads that will keep out much of the surrounding noise. As for convenient storage, just fold the headband and put the HD 4.30 in the soft pouch it comes with.

Premium workhorse wireless headphones - Bose NC700

Treat your teachers with the cream of the crop. The Bose NC700s are Bose’s new and improved take on the popular Bose QuietComfort 35-II headphones which set the bar active noise cancellation. They’re on the pricy side to be putting into the hands of students, but any educator who’s needed to have a moment’s peace to recharge will be able to appreciate what the technology does.

The NC700s promise 11 levels of noise cancellation, bringing a whole new level of customisation to how listeners quiet their environment. Battery life on the NC700s is a whopping 20 hours – perfect for getting teachers through the day and maximising time in between charges. Bells and whistles aside, the Bose’s wireless noise-cancelling headphones are loved because of their reliability and versatility – they can connect actively to two devices at the same time, making the experience of consuming media on more than one device smooth and seamless.

Best all-rounder true wireless earphones - Sony WH-1000XM3

True wireless earphones might not be the best idea for students who are still learning to take care of their belongings, but their ease of use and convenience in their minute form factor have won them a place in the teachers’ arsenal.

Sony’s WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling true wireless earphones are equipped with digital noise cancelling with HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e and Dual Noise Sensor Technology. This means that dual microphones catch the ambient sound around the listener, which is then cancelled by the dedicated processor in the earphones. Now teachers can really focus on their work or their down-time when they need to obscure ambient noise in between classes.

A tiny yet powerful 6mm driver unit inside the earphones delivers rich, clear, expansive sound to let listeners enjoy their music to the fullest extent. The headphones also have a variety of features bundled in including adaptable playback depending on whether the earphones are in your ears, support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, customisable touch controls, and a proprietary app.

The easy true wireless choice for iPhone owners - Apple AirPods (2nd generation)

The Apple AirPods faced widespread scepticism and was made into memes when it was first launched, but the lure of the Apple H1 chip has been too strong for most Apple fans to resist. The AirPods have established themselves as a solid choice for iPhone users looking for true wireless earphones, which makes them particularly compelling for schools that have chosen the Apple ecosystem for their digital learning tools. 

The second-generation AirPods improved upon its predecessor with a more stable wireless connection, faster switching between active devices, and 1.5 times faster connection time for phone calls.

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