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Canon DSLR Camera Dial Settings - Quick Overview

Posted in Tips on 10/6/2019

Picture of Canon DSLR Camera at PB Tech

If you've invested in a nice new DSLR camera, charged it up, and then headed out on a photo taking adventure - without even reading the manual - you're not alone! The crazy thing is, often the entry level DSLR cameras have a lot more modes top-teir professional cameras - and while some of it is self-explanatory, others could make use of a little more detail - P, AV, TV? What does it mean!

On Canon cameras, you switch between different shooting modes using the mode dial on the top - so we invited our friends from Canon New Zealand to join us at PB Tech HQ and quickly go through all the modes, and what they're best used for!

Check out our quick Canon Mode Deal video on YouTube below, and check out the massive Canon Store at PB Tech for all the latest gear!

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