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How to stream the World Cup

Posted in Articles on 27/8/2019 (updated on 27/8/2019)

There are a bunch of ways to watch your favourite programmes on the big screen, this could be the big game, or the latest highlights. For those wanting to get their television set up for this, we'll quickly cover some of the popular methods to help you get you stream ready!

Quick links below will take you to the setup guide for each!

HDMI Cable Connection - If you intend to plug in your laptop, tablet or phone into the TV for the game, be sure to check you've got an HDMI cable ready!

Apple TV - These popular streaming devices are already setup in many living rooms up and down the country, but yours might require a new app to watch the big game.

Chromecast - Another very popular streaming device from Google, connecting this to your TV allows for some very easy streaming options right from the Chrome browser!

DishTV Vu - The DishTV series become popular as a Freeview Streaming Device. Freeview channels are streamed to you through this compact device so you can enjoy them without an aerial or a satellite dish. Now YouTube and all the extras on Google Play are yours to explore too, as well as Lightbox and Netflix.

DishTV A2 - A larger device from DishTV that also provides recording options.

Smart TV - Samsung - Get the game right on to your TV, without additional cables, dongles or gear. Check out the latest range from Samsung that support the Spark Sport APP.

Smart TV - LG - Spark Sport has announced support for their app on 2019 LG TVs. Check out the latest range of supported LG TVs.

The Rugby World Cup is set to kick off on Friday 20th September 2019 and runs until the grand final, set for Saturday 2nd November!

Connecting Via HDMI Cable

Unless you have an ancient TV or Monitor there will be no issues connecting from your device using an HDMI Cable. Simply plug in from a device you wish to stream the matches from and you are away.

How to download and watch Spark Sport on Apple TV

  1. Turn on your Apple TV. On the home screen, find the App Store icon and click to open it.
  2. In the top menu of the App Store, scroll across to Search and type Spark Sport
  3. Find the Spark Sport app and click to select it.
  4. Select the Get button under the app and click to download.
  5. Go back to the Apple TV home screen. The Spark Sport app will show up there once it has finished downloading.
  6. Click the Spark Sport app and sign in to your Spark Sport Account.

How to setup Chromecast

  1. Download the Google home app from here
  2. Go to the Chromecast Help site and follow the directions that relate to your device

Playing Chromecast on your mobile or tablet:

  1. Select the Chromecast icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and connect to your Chromecast
  2. Hit play on what you are watching and you'll see it on the big screen

Playing Chromecast on your computer

  1. On your computer, open Chrome and start playing content. Right click your mouse and select cast
  2. Choose your Chromecast device where you want to watch the content.
  3. Hit play on what you are watching and you'll see it on the big screen. If you're already using the Chromecast, your content will replace what's on your TV.

DishTV Smart Vu

To get Spark Sport on your Freeview SmartVU streaming device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Android Apps Home by pressing the Apps button on your remote
  2. Select Get more apps to go to the Google Play Store
  3. Search for Spark Sport App
  4. Select the Spark Sport App and then press install
  5. Open and sign into your Spark Sport account

For quicker access, you can add it onto your Featured Apps band at the top of the Apps screen. To do this, simply scroll across to the plus symbol on the ‘Featured Apps’ band and select ‘Add app to favourites’ then choose the Spark Sport App.

DishTV A2

First please make sure it’s connected to the Internet. If you have just installed your DishTV A2 Recorder, it will prompt you to connect it to your Internet as part of the setup process. Otherwise, if you like more information about connecting it to the Internet, please see here.

Next, follow the steps below to download the Spark Sport App:

  1. Open the Android Apps Home by pressing the Google Home button on your remote or selecting Apps from the Home Hub
  2. Scroll left to Apps using the arrows on your remote
  3. Select Get more apps to go to the Google Play Store
  4. Search for Spark Sport App
  5. Select the Spark Sport App and then press install
  6. Open and sign into your Spark Sport account

To add it onto the top band, select the Add app to favourites and choose Spark Sport.

How to Set Up Your Samsung Smart TV with Spark Sport

If you have a new 2019 Samsung Smart TV, the Spark Sport app should auto-install when you first set up the TV. If you have a compatible Samsung TV, but the Spark Sport app is not automatically downloaded, please follow the steps below.

To install and watch Spark Sport on your 2017+ model Tizen Samsung Smart TV follow the steps below:

  1. Open Smart Hub by pressing the Home or Menu button on your TV remote.
  2. Scroll to the Apps panel using the arrows on your TV remote.
  3. Enter the Samsung App Store by clicking on Samsung App.
  4. Locate the Spark Sport App by searching for Spark Sport in the search bar.
  5. Click the Spark Sport app to download. When the Spark Sport app is downloaded, the Spark Sport icon will appear on the Apps panel of Smart Hub.
  6. Log in to your Spark Sport Account.

Samsung Televisions will Support Streaming of the Cup!

LG TV Spark Sport Support

Spark Sport has announced that their app will be ready to use on 2019 LG Televisions before the Cup starts. If you have a 2017-2018 LG TV you will need to use another method to connect such as one previously mentioned above like an Apple TV, Chromecast, or DishTV Device.

To find out what model your current LG TV is you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Home button
  2. Select Settings (or Setup)
  3. Select Support Menu
  4. Highlight Product/Service Info
  5. Press OK button

Below is a list of 2017-2019 LG TVs

OLED C7 Series | OLED B7 Series | SJ957 Series | SJ950 Series | SJ850 Series | UJ752 Series | UJ657 Series | UJ654 Series | UJ634 Series | OLED W7 Series | OLED E7 Series | OLED W7 Series

SK9500 Series | SK8500 Series | UK7500 Series | UK6700 Series | UK6540 Series | UK6500 Series | UK6400 Series | UK6200 Series | OLED W8 Series | OLED E8 Series | OLED C8 Series | OLED B8 Series

OLED W9 Series | OLED E9 Series | OLED C9 Series | OLED B9 Series | SM9400 Series | SM9000 Series | SM8600 Series | SM8100 Series | UM7600 Series | UM7400 Series | UM7300 Series | UM7100 Series

These 2019 LG Smart TVs will support streaming of the Cup!

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