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Are you worried when the front door knocks?

Posted in Articles on 10/9/2019

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The term "home invasion" appears to have made its first appearance in the NZ news back in 1997 when the Assistant Police Commissioner of the time claimed that such crimes were becoming common. Recently, we've been seeing a resurgence of home invasion stories (and videos) in the news, and this has led to an increase in queries from people wanting to upgrade their own home security and surveillance gear to help make themselves, and their family, be that little bit safer.

As the queries continue to come in, a few popular options are often mentioned in the conversations that follow, and these fit a common theme around being able to see what's going on around the house using your mobile phone.

Information is key: Knowing who is at the door before you open it will either set your mind at ease (when you see it's your friend) or allow you to act accordingly if it looks a bit dodgy.. and I don't mean hiding away till they leave! I personally think you should always answer the door, even if you don't know who it is on the other side - this doesn't mean opening it though - just letting the person on the other end know that someone is at home may help prevent a possible break-in.

Thankfully home technology has come a long way and rather than shouting "who is it" through the door - we can now use our Smart Home Camera System or Doorbell kits for this!

The RING Video Doorbell V2

1. RING Video Doorbell V2

No need to wonder if something is going on outside your home, see for yourself. The RING V2 features built-in motion sensors which can detect activity on your property and trigger instant mobile alerts, giving you the ability to know what’s going on even if you aren't there.

The powerful sensors covers a 180-degree field of view and have up to 9 meters range. They are also configurable for your unique property, ensuring you receive only meaningful notifications.
Should you miss a notification worry not! With RING you can access recorded footage through a smartphone or computer at any time thanks to Ring’s cloud recording.

Ring blends convenience, monitoring, and security into one sleek, simple and powerful wireless doorbell.

EZVIZ Mini O Indoor Cloud Wi-Fi Camera

2. EZVIZ Mini O Indoor Cloud WiFi Camera

This EZVIZ Mini O Camera is another great option for adding a bit of home security and convenience. The mini-0 comes with a magnetic base and mounting kit that makes it easy to place on walls or ceilings. Once you're all set up, you can manually adjust it to cover just about any angle you need - and with 110-degree viewing and night vision modes supported, it's pretty excellent at capturing everything you could want... and that's not even what makes this EZVIZ special!

Real-time, 2-way talk. Even if you're away from your home you can use the two-way talk function. Let's say you get a motion alert notification from your camera (yes, it has that feature too!) and you can see someone unfamiliar in your house - using the 2-way speakers/microphone feature you can actually ask them "What are you doing here?" and hear their reply, "just dropping off Johns hockey stick!".


Arlo Wire-Free Pro Outdoor Security System

3. Arlo Wire-Free Pro, VMS4430 Security System

This kit provides some serious security camera coverage making it ideal for either the home or business use. It includes 4x weatherproof camera units with rechargeable batteries, motion and sound-activated alerts, 2-way audio, a 100+ decibel siren, and 7 days of free cloud HD video recordings. 

Each of these cameras has an incredible 130-degree field of view and 8x digital zoom, with night vision and motion detection also.

Arlo will alert you so you can keep tabs on all the activity around your home and with 7 days of free cloud recordings, you can review recently captured video at your leisure.

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