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Protect your organization from phishing, ransomware, and targeted attacks

Posted in Articles (updated on 17/12/2019)

Email is the attacker’s favourite tool for ransomware and targeted attacks. Did you know that 94% of ransomware attacks use email?!1 Email provides an open door into your organization, and with convincing social engineering, even your most savvy users can be tricked into clicking on a link, opening an attachment with ransomware, or changing a wire transfer account. Attackers are getting smarter, so it’s important that your email security is just as smart and able to address all aspects of email threats, and is always learning and evolving to match the latest threats. You need security that is easy to administer, and shares information with your other security layers to instantly protect your organization against emerging threats.

Luckily anti-virus vendors are coming up with software that is not only advanced enough to protect your organization against attacks like this, but also easy to administer and set-up. Today we’re going to look at a vendor that is taking action against email attacks with their Email Security (powered by XGEN™) — that vendor is Trend Micro. Keep reading to learn more about just how Trend Micro can help protect you and your organization against attackers.

Smarter Protection Against Email Threats

Trend Micro’s Email Security is powered by XGen™ which uses a cross-generational blend of technologies to help you protect, detect, and respond to email attacks.

Trend Micro Email Security addresses the complete threat life cycle from protection, to detection and response. It guards against incoming email threats like ransomware, fraud, and targeted attacks, and also gives you the tools to detect internal threats spreading within your organization.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Trend Micro provides complete protection against threats in disguise. XGen security uses a blend of cross-generational defense techniques to accurately detect the widest range of email attacks. We progressively use more advanced techniques for precise analysis with minimal delays to the delivery of legitimate email.

Prevention is key, and there are a number of things you should keep an eye out for in email security that will help to prevent phishing attacks.

Business Email Compromise/Fraud
• Catches business email compromise (BEC) attacks by using artificial intelligence, including expert system and machine learning, to examine email header, content, and authorship, which applies more stringent protection for high-profile users.
• Prevents executive spoofing scams using our unique Writing Style DNA technology. It checks the writing style of an incoming email claimed to be from an executive against a trained machine learning model of that executive’s writing.

Ransomware and Other Malware
• The only email security solutions with pre-execution machine learning to accurately find unknown malware without delays.
• In-depth sandbox behavioral analysis detects additional unknown threats in email attachments, including Office Docs (+macros), PDFs, archives, executables, scripts, and multimedia.

Malicious URLs
• URL analysis, both during transit and in real time when a user clicks on a link.
• Dynamic sandbox analysis follows shortened URLs and redirects.
• Analyzes URLs within email attachments and scripts

Detect Attacks Already Inside Your Organization

In multi-stage attacks, criminals will compromise an employee’s device or credentials and then send phishing emails internally from this trusted account. It is critical to detect and stop these attacks which are already progressing within your organization. Trend Micro offers advanced threat protection and BEC protection for internal email on Microsoft® Office 365®, Microsoft® Exchange™, Gmail™, or IBM® Domino™ mail systems. Since collaboration services can also spread attacks internally, we also protect Microsoft® OneDrive®, Microsoft® SharePoint®, Box™, Google Drive™, and Dropbox™.

Respond and Remediate

Email is one of the most important security layers in your organization. It’s even better when it increases the effectiveness of your other security layers, and also helps with discovery and clean-up.
Rapid Response – Quickly share intelligence learned during sandboxing about new malware, malicious URLs, and command-and-control (C&C) contacts with endpoint and network security controls.
Central Visibility – Integration with Trend Micro Apex Central™, you get user-centric visibility of threat and compliance events across endpoint, web, and email security.
Remediation – If a security incident does occur, Trend Micro enables you to search mailboxes for malware or attack indicators.

Simplify Compliance

When you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or other regulations you need to assess your current risk exposure and then implement controls to track or contain the sensitive data.
Discovery - Trend Micro integrated data loss prevention (DLP) enables you to search your mailboxes and collaboration services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive) to evaluate your risk exposure.
Pre-built templates - Over 200 pre-built and customizable templates to simplify implementation.
Control - Monitor or quarantine email or shared file’s sensitive controlled data. You can also set DLP policies to automatically encrypt outgoing emails which match compliance rules.

Optimized For Your Environment

Trend Micro offers a broad range of solutions to fit your exact environment. They offer email gateways as a cloud service, virtual appliance, or hardware appliance. They also provide application programming interface (API)-integrated solutions to protect Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino, as well as collaboration services (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive).

Using Office 365 for Email?

While Office 365 is a great solution for email and collaboration services, protecting your email requires an expert in security. Trend Micro™ Smart Protection for Office 365™ provides the most comprehensive threat protection available. It includes Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security, which has protected customers from 8.9 million3 high-risk threats in 2018 that were not detected by the security included within Office 365.

Want Ultimate On-Premises Email Protection?

Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Email Inspector works seamlessly, and in tandem with your existing email gateway, to detect and block ransomware and spear phishing attacks. It features in-depth virtual analysis of email attachments and URLs using custom sandboxes that match your exact environment and password extraction to uncover malware inside encrypted attachments.

Looking for a comprehensive endpoint Saas Solution?

Recent news in the security industry may have left you with questions, concerns, or an overall feeling of instability with your current security solutions.

We are here to help, and to make switching to Trend Micro as easy as possible, so you can benefit from our proven security solutions and avoid any gaps in your protection. The latest offering, Future proof your Endpoint with XDR provides the advanced threats protection at the endpoint layers as well as detection and response's capability, in one streamlined and easy-to-deploy SaaS bundle, so you can protect more effectively, see more across your organization, and respond faster to new and advanced threats.

Customers who switch to Trend Micro also benefit from best-in-class threat intelligence and research, including Trend Micro's industry-leading bug bounty program, Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™, as well as years of industry recognition from Gartner, Forrester, and AV Test.

Thinking about your current security solution, how confident are you, that it enables you to detect breaches across endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, email and networks as well as enable you to investigate, respond and understand it’s impacts on your organisation?  Call us to find out more about Trend Micro XDR and learn how you can have greater confidence in your endpoint security solution.

To enquire about Trend Micro XDR and other solutions, click the button below to get in touch with one of our business experts

1 FBI, July 2018 
2 TrendLabs 2017 Security Roundup, March 2018

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