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Electric Scooter NZ Safety Advice + Best Helmet Combos!

Posted in Articles on 29/11/2019 (updated on 29/11/2019)

Picture of an Electric Scooter Helmet at PB Tech

Recently the Auckland City Council have been reviewing the Electric Scooter Rental providers and today they've announced some changes for those running rental services. 

In a nutshell, it looks like Lime and Wave will go (Midnight Monday 2nd December), with new operators Flamingo, Neuron, Beam and Jump stepping in.

It's important to note while this doesn't directly affect the own-your-own Electric Scooters from Xaoimi and Segway Ninebot we sell here at PB Tech, the safety advice behind these changes is good!

To quickly answer some common questions we've had here at PB Tech today.

Do you need a drivers license for an electric scooter?

No, not for any of the Electric Scooters we sell at PB Tech. But we recommend the Segway NineBot ES4 scooter specifically to be used by adults as it's quite fast.

Do you need to wear a helmet?

No, you are not required to wear one but it's a good idea. 

For those who already own an Electric Scooter, we've also created some specials on our range of safety helmets available now at PB Tech - so you don't miss out :)

Best Electric Scooters - NZ Tested at PB Tech!

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