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Simple Wi-Fi for Small Businesses

Posted in Articles on 10/2/2020

Get Wi-Fi for a competitive edge in your small business

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from boutique clothing stores and hotels to gourmet cafes and tech start-ups. Despite their differences, there’s one thing in common. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi can help experiences go from boring to amazing. Whether it’s to have crystal clear voice on a conference call, to easily share pictures on their latest purchase, or to look up reviews of certain products, it can make all the difference for employees and customers.

From the operations side of things, mobility and apps that always work keep your employees engaged and performing at their best. And when your customers and employees are happy, it lets you focus on what matters most – building the business.

To remain competitive in today’s digital world, small businesses are deploying innovative solutions just like the big guys that create value, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and build customer confidence. Your wireless network should be your least of your worries, and thankfully, PB Tech offers solutions that are so quick and easy to set up and manage, your network really will be the least of your worries.

The Aruba Instant On Solution

The Aruba Instant On portfolio delivers high-performance, secure Wi-Fi access at an attractive price that won’t break the bank. With models designed for indoor, outdoor, and hospitality or SOHO environments there’s an option that meets any need. 

With Aruba Instant On, you’re getting a combination of world-class performance, network security and simple setup and management software to meet any small business’ need. You’re also acquiring premium hardware and software that’s scalable, cost-effective and supports the growth of emerging apps and IoT, while delivering the best user and IT experience possible. Plus, with Smart Mesh technology, blanketing your entire business in reliable Wi-Fi is easy, no matter how small or large your spaces are.

And getting it set up? Getting a network up and running, and managing and monitoring it has never been easier. With Instant On all it takes is an iOS or Android enabled smart device and you’re just about ready to go. With the app, setting up your network is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you want the same easy to use features on a bigger screen, there’s cloud-based access that lets you manage your network from the browser of your choice, from anywhere. No license or subscription fees needed.

Aruba Instant On Access Points are super-fast to set up, easy-to-use, with security you can trust. Whether you're looking for an indoor, outdoor, or desk/wall access point, you'll find the one that's just right for you, with Aruba Instant On. Want to learn more or request a quote? Get in touch with one of our business specialists today!

Introducing Aruba Instant On

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