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Reimagine your classroom with furniture ideas for the new term

Posted in Articles on 14/2/2020

Designing learning environments with the best classroom furniture for education.

Creating a great environment for learning is key to improving how students gain and retain knowledge.

Studies have shown that learning spaces need to be explicitly considered as part of planning and delivery of an education to leverage the full potential of its impact on student outcomes.

Conversely, evidence has also shown that inadequate provisioning of flexible learning spaces is associated with adverse student outcomes.

Different types of furniture and configurations will support different styles of teaching and learning, and PB Tech understands that educators need a range of equipment to create an optimal learning environment.

With the new term and new school year beginning, educators are buzzing with ideas for how the classroom can be improved.

We’ve shared a range of classroom furniture options for creating an educational space that is functional, tidy, and purposeful at the same time.

Mobile teaching stations

Mobile teaching stations are useful for giving teachers the flexibility to use different spaces within their schools for learning without hassle.

They allow teachers to easily transport their teaching tools with minimal disruption to a class, maximising lesson time.

Research by the Ministry of Education has found that high-quality outdoor spaces are linked to better student outcomes, particularly for primary-aged students, and mobile teaching stations let educators take advantage of these findings.

The NZSTEM mobile teaching station is able to mount a television or a whiteboard, with additional storage space to house a 14-bay charging cabinet, stationery, and various teaching aids.

Charging stations

Academic institutions are increasingly incorporating computing skills into their core syllabus to prepare students for the digital age we’re living in today.

At the same time, more technology tools like coding, virtual reality, and augmented reality are being used to extend learning and teaching practices.

Students are learning on laptops or tablets at school, which require secure and reliable storage and charging options.

Research has found that thoughtfully-designed storage also has the ability to increase the time spent on tasks during lessons, and the best charging stations for multiple devices will take that into account.

The Chenbro 14-bay storage and charging trolley can store up to 14 Chromebooks, laptops, or any device with display sizes up to 14” which makes them perfect for medium-sized classrooms.

The charging bay also has the options for a wall mount, caster wheels, and a stackable design to fit different environment applications.

For slightly larger classroom sizes, Chenbro has a 32-bay charging cart that can store laptops with display up to 15.6” with a pull-out tray that makes it easier and fas­­ter for students to store and ­retrieve their devices.

The cart also supports two charging option models with an intelligent charging controller, which can optimise the total charge time of the devices while safely preventing electrical circuit overloads.

Standing desks

Research by the Ministry of Education found that furniture and equipment should be adaptable to meet different student needs, but should also be robust and easily cleanable to last longer.

Adjustable furniture or furniture of different sizes may lead to increased comfort and wellbeing, but teachers need to ensure they don’t compromise health and wellbeing goals by being more difficult to keep clean or by bein­g difficult or dangerous for students to adjust.

This makes the Loctek standing desks great options for both teachers and students alike due to their simplistic build and ease of use.

The Loctek ET114E standing desk is an electric height-adjustable desk with a single motor that comes with a five-year warranty.

Additionally, it moves up and down quietly, which will make it easy for students to use while minimising sudden noises in the classroom environment.

If you’re looking for a desk with a slightly larger surface, the Loctek ET203IB could be the right standing desk for you. ­­

The ET203IB is capable of supporting a load of 100kg and has a powder-coated seamless surface that resists scratches, water, and stains – one less thing for teachers to worry about when students decide to get “creative” when making an impression in classrooms.

As an added security feature, it has an anti-collision function that instantly stops and reverses if the tabletop comes in contact with another object in the height adjustment process.

Ergonomic display mounts

Ergonomic display mounts are especially important to ensure the screens in the classroom are easily adjustable to accommodate the different heights of students of different ages, especially if they will be looking at them for an extended period of time.

For optimum ergonomic positioning, monitors should be placed about 50cm away from a screen as a rule of thumb. The gaze should full near the centre point of the screen.

Loctek’s ergonomic gas spring arms for monitors are highly flexible, enable 360-degree rotation, ±90 degree left and right tilt, and 180-degree swivel arms that fully extend out to 51cm.

They’re easy for students to adjust no matter how strong they are and have spacious cable management channels for cables to be safely stowed so they don’t present a hazard when adjusted.

For larger screens like televisions, Loctek also has a full-motion gas spring TV wall mount that can support loads up to 21kg which makes it perfect for media rooms or for large rooms where different viewing angles may be used.

All schools aim to create an inclusive environment that caters to the learning needs and preferences of all students.

If you’re looking to update your classroom furniture, talk to our education specialists today.

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