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How teachers’ device choices are changing with education trends

Posted in Articles on 24/2/2020

Picture of educator using mobile phone for changing mobile device trends in education

Educators are implementing more digital tools as part of their teaching arsenal, including smartphones.

As smartphones become more sophisticated, we’ve also seen the way teachers use them to incorporate more flexibility and better return on investment when choosing their devices.

These choices also reflect shifts in education trends and how learning is moving out of classrooms and into digital realms.

We spoke to our PB mobile experts about the emerging trends in the types of mobile devices schools are procuring for educators.

Mid-range phones with high specifications

We’ve seen that midrange options with strong specifications are becoming more popular, frequently being chosen over higher-end options with a lower total cost of ownership.

Organisational and educational needs are still being well-met with lower-priced products due to increasingly competitive device specifications.

This also points to the changing expectations of a work mobile device moving from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ for teachers as digital devices become more intertwined with the curriculum.

Examples of these phones include the Motorola Moto G7 Power and the Apple iPhone 7.

The rise of dual SIM

Educators are increasingly preferring dual SIM-capable phones over single SIM options as it gives them the ability to use their personal and work numbers in a single device.

It also allows the possibility of using two networks at once for maximum business continuity in areas with poor network coverage and saving costs when roaming by using a local SIM as well as their own SIM when travelling to avoid racking up high international roaming charges on their home SIM.

The other benefit to this is that they can still be reached on their mobile SIM, which is especially handy for getting multi-factor authentication verification codes often required when logging into accounts from new or remote locations.

Some of the dual SIM phones we’ve seen increase in popularity include the Xiaomi Mi A3 and the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Mobile device management is critical for fleet deployments, including managing device fleets such as those found in an education environment.

Zero-touch enrolment is a function allowing a device to pull down an organisations’ preferred settings and profiles from the very first time it’s turned on, saving teachers and students the time needed to manually configure the right settings and also avoiding potential security risks.

PB Tech offers zero-touch solutions for selected Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.

Popular phones with zero-touch enrolment capabilities include the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Apple iPhone 8.

Are you an education provider looking to update your device fleet?

PB Tech has bulk pricing tiers available for fleet deployments for selected mobile phones – find out more or request a quote from our education specialists today.

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