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Storage Spotlight: Pure Storage’s Evergreen proposition to lower TCO

Posted in Articles on 26/2/2020 (updated on 26/2/2020)

Storage Spotlight on Pure Storage, a PB Tech partner

Storage Spotlight is a series of articles from PB Tech highlighting storage solutions in the market.

We have partnerships with most major providers and work hand-in-hand with vendors and distributors to deliver the best solutions for every use case.

We’ll outline the biggest storage players in the market, their value propositions, and what types of businesses and applications they’re best suited for.

In this instalment, we take a look at our partner Pure Storage and their core support offering, the Evergreen Storage Program.

Pure Storage helps customers put data to use while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Pure delivers a modern data experience that empowers organisations to run their operations as a true, automated, storage-as-a-service model seamlessly across multiple clouds.

Besides pioneering all-flash storage solutions for on-premise and cloud, Pure also brought a unique support offering to its customers, the Evergreen Storage program.

Here's how Pure Storage is solving three of the biggest storage pain points businesses are facing: escalating maintenance costs, running out of space on slowing storage solutions, and skyrocketing upgrade costs.

Storage issue one: Cost of maintaining storage infrastructure escalating year-on-year

Pure Storage’s fix: Pure Storage utilises all-flash arrays to store data in solid-state drives that take up less space, use less power, and rack up lower cooling and hosting fees. 

It keeps down management costs by making storage infrastructure easy to administer, deploy, and maintain.

Non-technical staff have been able to set up and configure its servers within two hours. Lower management and space costs result in lower operational expenditure and lower total cost of ownership.

In addition, customers that sign up for Evergreen Gold get a range of benefits that include free upgrades on the hardware on the third year, enabling the customer to keep their storage infrastructure current at minimal cost.

Storage issue two: Storage solutions slowing down over time and running out of space

Pure Storage’s fix: Pure Storage provides a multigenerational Storage Array that supports the latest protocols such as NVME that drastically increase data transfer speeds by avoiding performance bottlenecks within the back-end of all-flash arrays.

It also uses industry-leading data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning technologies to provide greater storage efficiency and promises a built-in storage capacity guarantee for its customers.

If its FlashArray does not deliver on the promised effective capacity as a customer migrates its data over the six-month period of the guarantee, Pure Storage will provide free additional flash as-needed to meet the written guarantee.

Image of Pure Storage's deduplication ratios

Storage issue three: Skyrocketing costs of forklift upgrades every three to five years when hardware needs to be replaced

Pure Storage’s fix: Pure’s Evergreen Program includes free controller upgrades or full credit on controller trade-ins. Customers even get credit when swapping out old flash for newer, higher-density versions.

The Evergreen model means eliminating rebuying your storage platform every three to five years and also going through the costly exercise of migrating your data from the old to the new platform.

Another main feature of the Evergreen program is “flat and fair” maintenance, meaning each year the cost of your maintenance stays the same.

Pure Storage does not increase your maintenance price for the life of the array, providing predictable costs.


Pure offers competitive all-flash array offerings suitable for businesses that need high-performance storage and efficiency.

The Evergreen Storage ownership model enables storage that is deployed once and delivers value to customers for a decade or more.

As organisations grow, they can upgrade and expand their storage as needed: all upgrades are made without any downtime, performance impact or data migrations, and forklift upgrades are eliminated with no increase in yearly maintenance costs.

With one of the highest NPS scores in the IT industry (86.6), customers working with Pure are realising the benefits.

Uncertain if this fits your business’ needs? Our storage experts work with a range of vendors and can give you insights on the best offering for your business case.

Talk to us today about how we can design the most effective storage infrastructure for your business.

Pure Storage's Evergreen Storage Service Quick Explainer

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