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Why your business needs a video surveillance system

Posted in Articles on 03/3/2020

Why small businesses need a surveillance system PB Tech article

New Zealanders have worked hard to observe strict health and safety measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Moving forward, individuals have a much higher responsibility to make the right decisions to play it safe and prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Businesses also need to play their part, ensuring premises are open in ways that are compliant with the regulations the Government has put in place. Having a video surveillance system can reassure business owners that your strategies to abide by the law are working, giving you and your teams the confidence that they're being kept safe.

On top of ensuring your business is implementing the right measures and staying compliant, here are a few key reasons why security cameras can benefit businesses.

Lower insurance premiums

One of the flip sides to reporting a crime when you have an insurance policy is the scrutiny from investigators about whether a crime is genuine or whether it is engineered in order for the small business owner to claim the insurance payout.

For a business owner who has already suffered significant losses after being the victim of a robbery, those questions and that suspicion can be painful to field.

Having surveillance cameras in place and video footage of what transpired can effectively minimise a lot of the questioning as both the authorities and the insurance investigators can analyse the video for a comprehensive account of what transpired.

Some insurance providers also give a lower insurance premium to small businesses that have surveillance cameras installed. This is because the risk of crime occurring at that location is lower and the verification of incidents that take place on those premises is easier.

Prevention is better than cure

Having a security camera in a visible spot can deter would-be perpetrators staking out your business as there is a higher chance of them being apprehended and charged if they committed a crime on your premises. 

You may not even have to be recording or reviewing the footage on a regular basis, but for a criminal, the risk they’re evaluating becomes much higher.

The very presence of the security camera decreases the chances of your business being negatively affected.

Material evidence

Having video evidence on hand for any theft perpetrated would mean that the offenders are more likely to be caught and that it would be easier for you to reclaim your stolen goods. The evidence would also be useful for authorities to solve other crimes if repeat offenders were caught on camera.

Designing and improving best practices

Having a surveillance system in a warehouse, for example, allows employers to monitor whether occupational health and safety best practices are being followed and whether they’re effective. The video surveillance footage can be used to corroborate the accounts of employees on whether they’re facing risks on the job and also to ensure that heavy, dangerous, or expensive equipment is being used correctly.

This allows employers to ensure that they’re designing processes and prescribing best practices that will actually be helpful and be followed by the employees on the job.


Security is a feature that most small businesses tend to neglect until it’s too late. Having security cameras installed is a good middle ground in between an expensive security solution and having an affordable, low maintenance security system.

Want to learn more about how to design the best surveillance system for your small business? Talk to our business specialists today.

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