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Everything you need to work remotely at PB Tech!

Posted in Tips on 12/3/2020 (updated on 04/4/2020)

Picture of Home Office Laptops, Desks, Chairs and more and PB Tech

Some jobs can be done anywhere, provided you've got the right tools. So if you're wanting to avoid the office and work remotely, but a home office setup is needed first- PB Tech has everything you need!

This article is intended for those new to working from home, so if your business is preparing to support your staff with remote work options be sure to check out the PB Business article: How to equip your staff for remote working in New Zealand. If you already have a home office setup, and are just looking for the best options to improve your setup check out our article: Upgrade your Home Office.

If your company is requiring you to work from home, get the tools they provide you with and also let them know what else is needed.

Laptops - the centre of your home office setup

It's good to start out with the computer you'll be using while working from home. For most, the best option will be a laptop provided by your employer and desktop dock so you can quickly connect to a larger monitor, mouse and keyboard. PB Tech is proud to stock the largest range of laptops in New Zealand, and our staff are ready to lend expert advice in stores nationwide.

Home Office Essentials, all in Computers & Accessories

Recreating your current workspace at home is not an easy task, we don't all have spare rooms that can be turned into an office. This lack of space changes the way we look at the office computer setup and creating a mobile work setup is often the best idea.

Consider replacing the office desktop PC setup with a laptop + docking station with full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor.

All in One Desktop PCs are another great space-saving option, with the computer built into the monitor reducing the number of plug points needed and keeping it all very tidy.

Increase screen real-estate and productivity with an Ultrawide Monitor

Monitors with built-in Web Cameras for streamlined conferencing

If you are using a Laptop as the hub for your home office, it makes sense to invest in one or more large screen monitors to maximise productivity. You could opt for a monitor with a built-in web cameras if you will be doing lots of video calling or perhaps consider an ultra-wide screen monitor which will make multi-tasking a breeze with resolutions able to support two application windows side by side. Don't forget a monitor arm if your screen supports VESA mounting to ensure superior positioning and comfort for those long days working away!

Maximise productivity with these useful PC Peripherals

Get more stuff done with PC Peripheral essentials such as full sized keyboards, mice, headsets and monitors. Track pads and 14" screens may work well when on the go, but once you're nestled into your home office a full sized keyboard and mouse is the way to go.

Call and conference like a pro with mic-integrated Headphones & Earphones