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BYOD Laptops for Remote Learning

Posted in Buying Guides on 18/3/2020 (updated on 21/3/2020)

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Here at PB Tech we're proud to stock the largest range of laptops in New Zealand, and recently, with students & parents now facing the possibility of school from home, they're looking into the options and requirements for a remote education device, often asking our PB staff for recommendations.

The laptops below are some of the current favourites, our list is ordered from the least to most expensive but all have fast WiFi, built-in web cameras and excellent battery life... well... not so much for that last one, but it's extremely powerful :)

If you're looking for some great ideas about how to maximise the productivity of your home work / study space make sure you check out our Everything you need to work remotely article too.

#1 11.6" ASUS C204EE Chromebook

Offering amazing value for money, the ASUS C204EE Chromebook features a home classroom-ready rugged design through a rubber wrapped protective guard, spill-proof keyboard and ultratough I/O ports. With up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge, children will have less downtime and more learning time. PB Tech customer Nigel has said, “Ideal for my 9-year-old son. Great for all his school work”.

Other popular Chromebooks include the HP G7 Education & Asus C204MA laptops, they both feature the same specs as the model we highlighted above, but with increased storage at 32GB. This might sound small in the world of terra bytes but as the Chromebook is designed to access and save files to the cloud, but it's nice to have the options. You're likely to be fine going either way too thanks to USB flash drives, some of which feature more storage space while still costing less than the price difference between the various laptops.

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The HP Everyday Laptop is an excellent all-round Windows notebook that is ideal for entry-level education use. An incredible value pick for a first full-sized laptop that doesn't break the bank. Confidently complete projects with the latest technology, including intuitive Windows 10 Home and the power from an Intel Celeron processor with DDR4 memory.

If 15.6" is just too big, consider the 14" Asus E406MA Laptop which still features the Windows 10 Home OS. We can go even smaller with the 11.6" Asus W203MA Laptop which runs a trimmed version of Windows 10 Home known as S Mode - this restricts what you can install software-wise (exclusively running apps from the Windows 10 store) but it takes up less space, runs fast and with the software limitations, it's rather secure! Should you want to go to the full Windows 10 home experience that's fine and easy to do but know that this process is one way, and you cannot switch back to S mode once you go full.

For a more premium option, the Acer Aspire 5 A515-54-5725 Laptop is an amazing pick for secondary/tertiary students who require a more powerful option while still being portable. Equipped with an i5 10th Gen CPU, 256GB SSD and a stunning FHD display, this laptop delivers exceptional performance at a great price. PB Tech customer Patrick left a positive review saying, “This is a good laptop, well made, fast and easy to use”.

The newly improved Apple 13" MacBook Pro is a great premium pick for tertiary students and users who enjoy the familiar, easy-to-use macOS interface. You won’t feel bad about spending a bit more on this laptop as you will get heaps of excellent features in return. PB Tech customer Heavy-D has reviewed this MacBook Pro and has said, “This is such a great piece of equipment as the operating system is so easy to use and navigate and the computer itself is very thin and lightweight”.

The 10.2" iPad with WiFi is another top choice for education and BYOD, but the real trick with this one is to get the Apple Original Smart Keyboard for iPad to go with it, adding the ability to type quickly, and when you're done, it folds to create a slim, lightweight cover!

This extremely high-end laptop is tailored for graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors, photographers and other professionals all around the world. Designed for multitasking and pro-level processing jobs, the laptop allows talented people to quickly develop their next great idea, and finish that complicated assignment. It's a great bit of kit for university or high school students who are studying in these areas.

Part of the Nvidia RTX Studio family of laptops, this finely-crafted MSi machine features an ultra-light chassis in a space grey finish.

Five fantastic education laptops options already!? But the best bit - this is just a small part of our massive range here at PB Tech.

If you're a teacher looking for advice that's customised to your specific classroom, please contact the PB Education team.

We'll continue to update this lists as more and more requests come in, so be sure to keep your eyes on PB Tech Tips & News for the latest.

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