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6 and 12-month leases now available for brand new education devices

Posted in Articles on 07/4/2020

Six and twelve-month leases now available for education devices

As Covid-19 continues to have far-reaching impacts on the work and lives of Kiwis, technology has been a key enabler in allowing us to continue operating with a semblance of normalcy.

That’s why PB Tech is including two new options for short-term leases, offering a six and twelve-month leases on brand new devices to our Education customers to give Kiwis access to more devices and more financing options.

Leasing allows education institutions to quickly and easily obtain devices for staff and students at a fraction of the price of devices without having to commit to long-term ownership.

How does it work?

  • Brand new and off-lease devices in stock at PB Tech are available for lease to Education customers
  • Devices are available for lease for periods of 6, 12, 24, and 36 months
  • Devices for lease are subject to stock availability – get in touch with our education specialists today for up-to-date device availability.

Typical lease packages for Education

Here are a few examples of typical packages we can put together for your organisation along with pricing estimates. Our education specialists can help you come up with a package best suits the needs of your organisation. 

Chromebook lease package

Typical 30-unit configuration lease package for a popular ASUS education Chromebook:

ASUS C204EE Chromebook x30

Targus Cypress 11-12" Laptop Bag (Navy) x30

Provident Electronic insurance (12 Months) x30

Price ex. GST: 12,436.80 | From $1,034.58/month over 12 months*

Apple iPad lease package

Typical 30-unit configuration lease package for a popular Apple iPad education tablet:

Apple 10.2" iPad WiFi, 32GB - Space Grey x30

NZSTEM Education Soft handle Case Protector x30

Provident Mobile Phone Material Insurance (12 Months) x30

Price ex GST: $18,450 | $1,256.89/month over 12 months

Asus Education Laptop lease package

Typical 30-unit configuration lease package for a popular ASUS education laptop:

ASUS W203MA Edu Laptop 11.6" x30

Targus Cypress 11-12" Notebook/Laptop Sleeve Bag x30

Provident Electronic Goods Insurance (12 Months) x30

Price ex GST: $13,359.30 | $1,108.83/month over 12 months*

Device-as-a-Service for Education

Our Device-as-a-Service offering is a great alternative to monthly leasing. It's an end-to-end device management solution that bundles asset management, secure device erasure, and enrolment into our Second Life Sustainability Programme upon device return. 

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*Stock availability and prices are subject to change at any time due to global supply chain disruptions – get in touch with your account manager for up-to-date device availability.