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Remote Learning & Teaching with Graphics Tablets (feat. Wacom One)

Posted in Articles on 14/4/2020

Remote Teaching with Wacom One Graphics Tablet

Solutions for remote teaching and e-learning are in high demand. Due to COVID-19, schools and teachers are now challenged to develop ideas on how to teach digitally from home. Readily available software tools, like OneNote, can be a great help to create teaching materials, distribute worksheets to students and exchange documents with fellow teachers online. And in combination with a graphics tablet like the Wacom One, teachers can experience the full strength of the handwriting functions of OneNote in online lessons.

Students, parents, and teachers are discovering how easy and intuitive it is to use Wacom pen tablets and displays to help with home-schooling and e-learning. In a recent communication from Wacom, they identified a few scenarios where a graphics tablet such as the Wacom One can be used to make teaching from home more comfortable. We’ve compiled these scenarios into an article for you to refer to below.

1. Use Wacom for Drawings, Formulas, and Pictures

When you’re planning and teaching lessons from behind a screen, you may realise that your methods for teaching has become limited. I.e. Methods you use to teach in the classroom such as drawing diagrams, explanatory sketches, and writing up formulas are things you can’t easily do using your keyboard and mouse.

The good news is, tools like OneNote enable you to draw in the document, and graphics tablets like the Wacom One make that really easy! It has its own screen so you can draw directly on your document with total ease; there’s no buffer time that you need to put in to get used to using a graphics tablet when it’s as easy as drawing with pen on paper.

Digital Inking with Wacom One

Better yet, you can connect the graphics tablet to a number of devices such as your desktop PC, your laptop, Mac, and even a smartphone. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable so you’ll have no trouble carrying it around your home if you’re teaching and planning lessons from different areas or rooms.

You can find all drawing functions under the “Draw” tab – both in the OneNote app for Windows 10 and in the desktop version. You can choose from different pens and colours in the menu. And once the free Wacom driver is installed, you can draw and write directly on the OneNote page.

Using Wacom One to write equations in OneNoteUsing Wacom One to draw diagrams in OneNoteUsing Wacom One to annotate and mark in One Note

As you can see in the examples above, the Wacom One can be used to annotate and highlight text, articles and PDF documents; draw vivid sketches and pictures; and write mathematical formulas.

2. Provide Feedback with Handwritten Notes

Many schools are now benefiting from Office 365, which is free of charge for educational institutions. Within the platform, teachers and especially students can use the OneNote course notebooks. The advantage: You can conveniently distribute your worksheets created in OneNote to your students. The students then work individually on the tasks in their own OneNote notebook on a PC or tablet at home.

If you organize your online classes like this, a pen tablet or Wacom One can be a great benefit. Just like with a pen on paper, you can individually correct the students’ tasks and leave personal comments to them on their worksheets.

Using Wacom One to write notes in One Note

Of course, you can use a red pencil for corrections in OneNote – in good old tradition! However, experience shows that schoolchildren like the colourful rainbow pencil much better.

3. Use OneNote as a Whiteboard in Online Lessons

Let‘s increase the level of difficulty! Maybe at some point, you dare to conduct your online classes live, for example by video conference with your students. The popular Microsoft Teams platform enables collaboration for everyone. It is easy to use and is also part of Office 365. You can also integrate OneNote in teams and thus make the content of your notebooks conveniently available to your students.

Using Wacom One as a whiteboard during remote lessons

During an online meeting, you can now share your current screen in addition to your webcam image, so you can show your students live what you are doing. This way you can explain to them step by step what you are drawing on the graphic tablet.

Another advantage: The created sketches and blackboard pictures are saved directly in OneNote and are therefore permanently available to all students.

4. Use Wacom as a Second Screen

The Wacom One is treated like a second connected monitor under Windows 10. This not only allows you to duplicate your computer screen on it, but you can also use it as a second desktop with its own program windows. How awesome is that?

For example, you can show a document on the main screen, read a web article or watch a learning video – and at the same time take notes on the graphics tablet in OneNote.

Use the Wacom One as a second screen

The cable of the Wacom One is long enough so that you can place the device comfortably on your lap. Very convenient!

To expand your desktop to a second screen, you have to adjust your display settings. You can find it at the bottom right in the notification menu of Windows 10. Alternatively, you can also press the key combination “Windows + P” and thus switch between the different modes.

As soon as you select “Expand”, the second desktop appears on the graphics tablet. Now you can move apps and program windows here and use them in parallel. It may be useful to adjust the display to your needs, using Windows 10 settings. For example, you can determine the position of the two screens and the size of the icons and symbols to be displayed.

What else?

Even when you're not teaching lessons, you can leave your Wacom One connected to your computer as a mouse or to simply to take notes on the side. Once you get used to it, controlling other applications and software becomes a breeze. There's not much of a learning curve to go through compared to some other graphics tablets. Plus, considering you don't need a battery for the Wacom pen, you can keep it connected as long as you please without worrying about recharging anything. 

Our teams have equipped many schools and universities with technology to make their classrooms and lecture halls digital. Together with partners, they have developed solutions for remote teaching and collaboration in virtual classrooms.

If you're interested in developing better work / teach from home systems within your school, get in touch with one of our education experts today! And if you're interested in seeing what other graphics tablets Wacom has to offer, check them out here.

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