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Storage Spotlight: Experience intelligent, self-managing storage with HPE Nimble...

Posted in Articles on 21/4/2020

Storage Spotlight: HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Storage is a modern enterprise storage platform that reimagines the storage experience.

It combines artificial intelligence (AI) with a flash-optimised storage portfolio to deliver fast and reliable access to data and simplifies operations.

Its multi-cloud flash fabric intelligently extends data services across on-premises primary and secondary storage and the public cloud, defying data gravity and simplifying hybrid cloud complexity.

What makes HPE Nimble Storage different?

HPE Nimble Storage was founded on two core principles: To make storage effortless through a solution that reduces complexity, helps eliminate trade-offs, and improves enterprise agility from install to upgrade and to transform operations with AI that predicts and prevents disruptions and self-optimises application performance and resource management.

Key features of HPE Nimble Storage include:

• Intelligent, self-managing storage: The HPE Nimble Storage approach to predictive analytics has completely reimagined how infrastructure is supported. Through HPE InfoSight advanced machine learning, 86% of problems are predicted and prevented before customers even realise they have an issue, and not just for the array but across the entire infrastructure stack.

HPE InfoSight

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Transform your support experience: Predictive support automation has enabled HPE Nimble Storage to help eliminate Level 1 and Level 2 support, providing direct access to Level 3 HPE Nimble Storage support engineers, and removing time consuming and frustrating escalations. This means 73% fewer support tickets, 85% less time spent resolving storage-related trouble tickets, and 69% faster time to resolve events that necessitate Level 3 support.

Experience effortless simplicity: HPE Nimble Storage makes it radically simple for any IT generalist to buy, install, provision, operate, and upgrade. You can self-install the system in minutes. There are no configuration requirements, with always-on data services and app aware intelligence that help eliminate performance and efficiency trade-offs. This effortless user experience across all aspects of the storage lifecycle means that you spend substantially less time and allocate fewer resources to managing HPE Nimble Storage, resulting in 79% lower IT operational expenses. If you want to spend less time managing storage and firefighting, look to HPE Nimble Storage.

Customers trust the HPE Nimble Storage user experience: IT admins and customers have been vocal about how their business demands are simplified and their user experience elevated by HPE Nimble Storage capabilities. HPE Nimble Storage’s radical simplicity and transformed support experience have resulted in an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, with customers getting maximum value out of their data in a broad range of use cases supporting business-critical applications.

Spend less on all-flash storage: HPE Nimble Storage guarantees industry leading data efficiency through the HPE Store More Guarantee. Every competitor’s data reduction ratios are going to be different but with advanced data reduction technologies and an efficient operating system, Hewlett Packard Enterprise guarantees that HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays will store more data per raw terabyte of all flash compared to the competition.

Timeless Storage for HPE Nimble Storage: With Timeless Storage for HPE Nimble Storage, HPE is changing storage ownership by helping eliminate surprises and enhancing investment protection for the long term. Its Timeless Storage program includes a satisfaction guarantee, a six-nines availability guarantee, a data reduction guarantee, all-inclusive software, flat support pricing, and controller upgrades.

HPE Nimble Storage in a nutshell

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Why HPE Nimble Storage?

HPE is a trusted name in servers and storage, recognised for the consistent performance and reliability they deliver. The platform’s user base consists of established businesses and organisations worldwide. When combined with existing HPE servers, HPE Nimble Storage is a clear winner, allowing your organisation to simplify its support needs.

Want to know if HPE Nimble Storage is right for your business’ needs?

Talk to our server experts today to make an enquiry or request a quote. 

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