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How educators can set up a mobile teaching station for under $1,000

Posted in Articles on 18/6/2020

How New Zealand educators can set up a mobile teaching station for under $1,000 at PB Tech

One of the most popular learning tools available to educators to introduce new ideas and concepts to their students is televisions.

TVs can be used as a secondary display to mirror the content of a teacher’s device or as a standalone display to show educational viewing material to students either on live TV programming or via video streaming.

Video content is versatile in its use and has been shown to be effective for reinforcing and expanding on content being taught, allowing teachers to respond to a variety of learning styles, increasing student motivation to learn, and to supplement other learning activities; according to Australia’s Curriculum and Leadership Journal.

In integrating new technologies into the curriculum, schools are constrained by their IT budget, and it’s no different with using TVs in the classroom.

One way to increase the utility of a single TV is to mount it on a mobile teaching station, allowing it to be transported from room to room and giving multiple teachers access to the additional benefits a TV brings to the classroom.

Here is how schools can put together a mobile teaching station at PB Tech for less than $1,000 (excluding GST) with a few suggestions for products with upgraded features if your curriculum has higher requirements of a particular component.

The display – TVs View all TVs

Horion has released new 55” and 65” 4K TVs at a price point that makes them highly accessible to schools with varying budgets and education resource planners should keep in mind that bigger rooms with more students should contain bigger TV displays so words on the screen are legible to students anywhere in the room.

Starting from $550, both sizes of TVs feature rich colours to make special effects come alive on screen, with brighter highlights, greater contrast, and stunning details for darker scenes.

Both models also come bundled with Freeview for access to TVNZ, Three, and Maori TV right off the bat and are easily connected via HDMI cables.

The wheels – trolleys View all trolleys

Trolleys make TVs easy to transport from room to room which is key to increasing the utility of the mobile teaching station. When choosing a trolley, educators should be mindful of the screen size and weight of the TV they’re planning to mount on the trolley to ensure that it can be moved safely and easily by teachers and students alike.

Both options suggested also include a shelf for teachers to place their devices or teaching tools on.

The system – Streaming devices View more media devices

The Chromecast remains one of the most popular devices for wireless streaming due to its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to recommend for use in the classroom. Teachers just need to plug Chromecast into the HDMI port on the TV and to a power source power and stream their teaching material right from their phone or other compatible devices with just a tap.

Our second TV streaming device option is the DishTV Smart Vu 4K UHD which gives teachers access to all the apps on the Google Play store on top of having Chromecast built-in. The DishTV also magnetises to the back of the TV, keeping the mobile teaching station more streamlined and less likely to be pulled out by accident in transit. 

Could your school benefit from mobile teaching stations that don’t break the bank?

Get in touch with our education specialists today to discuss a deployment that works with your school’s equipment budget.

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