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Waikato University hosts high school esports tournament

Posted in Articles on 27/7/2020

Waikato University hosts high school League of Legends championship

What: The New Zealand High School League of Legends Championship

When: Finals are on August 15, 2020

Where: The Gallagher Performing Arts Centre, Waikato University, Hamilton


Esports in New Zealand has been gaining ground towards being recognised as a legitimate sport in recent years.

Proponents of esports have worked hard over the years to dispel the association between gaming and the image of sedentary, lazy gamers.

Instead, schools and parents are learning to recognise the inclusive nature of gaming as a hobby, and seeing the benefit in using gaming as a way to help foster teamwork, leadership, and communication skills in students.

Waikato University is one of the organisations that has invested in helping its students develop esports capabilities.

It’s currently the only major education institution in New Zealand that funds and runs a professional esports team, complete with a team manager, wellbeing specialist, esports committee, and yearly scholarship for high school leavers interested in attending Waikato University for eSports.

It also organises a major esports tournament open to high schoolers – the New Zealand High School League of Legends Championship.

In it to win it

League of a Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game in which players can assume characters with differing abilities and weaknesses to achieve certain goals. The game is known for the high level of teamwork required for teams to survive and perform well enough to win.

The tournament is open to all New Zealand high school students who form teams of five with one supervising teacher who plays a supporting a role.

The teams battle it out over 45-minute long games running from May 20 to July 25. These will be followed by online knockout tournaments which begin the weekend of July 25.

These games will culminate in the New Zealand final, which will be hosted at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on August 15, complete with a stage for competing teams and tiered seating for spectators. The winning team of the premier bracket will make it through to compete against the Australian state champions.

Set up for success with the right Gaming PCs

Schools interested in entering high school esports tournaments will need to ensure that their students have easy access to gaming machines that are up to par.

Having a gaming PC with these recommended system requirements will make you a more competitive League of Legends player:

Recommended Specifications:

  • Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor or higher
  • Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card (Having a dedicated GPU is a winner!)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Windows 10
  • GGPC Gaming PCs are designed and assembled with the sole purpose of being workhorse gaming rigs.

Maximise engagement and monetise gaming skills via streaming

Once gamers develop a certain level of capability within the game, streaming their gameplay becomes a natural next step.

One because streaming is a possible path to monetisation if a gamer is serious about taking their passion to the next level, but another because it’s a valuable way to create and nurture a gaming community.

Esports arenas are equipped for streaming provide another drawcard for gamers to play at the arena, helping to popularise the facility and display the talent in the community, while encouraging gamers to hone their streaming skills. 

To that end, companies like Elgato have made specific pieces of equipment designed to enhance the streaming experience so gamers can focus on what they do best while also ensuring the best possible experience for their viewers.

Is your school looking at ways to give your students access to esports opportunities?

Talk to our education experts today to get your students set up for esports success.

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