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Debunked: Three biggest myths about refurbished devices for education

Posted in Articles on 18/8/2020

Why buy off-lease devices for education at PB Tech

Off-lease devices,  also sometimes known as ex-lease or refurbished devices, are devices on their second life. Typically, in their previous life, they were purchased by a company via lease for a period of time.

At the end of the lease, if it has a considerable use life remaining in the unit, the device is turned in, tested, cleaned and resold as a certified pre-owned computer at a fraction of its original price.

PB Tech also purchases devices from businesses and institutions deemed obsolete for the needs of the company and refurbishes them for resale as part of our Second Life Sustainability programme or ensures that the device is dismantled for parts to reduce the amount of e-waste going to New Zealand’s landfills.

There are three big myths about buying off-lease devices that deter education institutions from considering them as viable choices.

Does that make them unfit for an education use case? We take a look at some of the preconceived notions around off-lease devices.  

Myth 1: Off-lease devices don’t have good technical specifications

Like brand-new devices, off-lease devices come in a variety of specifications.

A device that suits the needs of your institution can be found more often than not. 

Since they usually start out as business productivity devices, off-lease devices have high specs that remain competitive for years to come.

Premium business devices also have a better material and build quality compared to retail consumer laptops, which means they still have years of life in them after their initial lease period comes to an end 


Myth 2: Off-lease devices have inferior consumer protection because they don’t come with a warranty

Off-lease devices at PB Tech come with a three-month warranty, which can be extended to a 12-month warranty for just $79 excluding GST.

Educational institutions can rest easy knowing that they’ll get the same guarantees and consumer rights protection on off-lease devices that they would on brand new devices. 

One of the main reasons schools consider purchasing secondhand devices for their fleet is to take advantage of the savings they get compared to purchasing a brand-new devices. 

Choosing PB Tech’s off-lease range ensures that schools can leverage savings with the assurance that the device has been refurbished, cleaned, and resold to a high standard. 


Myth 3: Off-lease devices have a low return on investment (ROI) 

Another commonly held assumption about purchasing off-lease is that because the device is midway through its lifespan, it won’t last as long as a new devices and thus, will have a lower return on investment. 
However, off-lease business devices have a superior build compared to retail consumer devices. Also, for the same price, a school can get an off-lease devices which much higher specifications, extending the use of the device, thus still returning a high ROI.

On average, this allows schools to gain access to devices that have three times the speed compared to a brand new device at the same price, making them great for graphics or engineering students.  


Could your institution benefit from buying off-lease instead of brand new?

Our education experts can help you find the right off-lease devices for your needs – talk to us today.  

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