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Why businesses should procure a hybrid cloud stack

Posted in Articles on 17/9/2020
Hybrid Cloud with PB Tech Validated solutions

It’s that time again where your backend infrastructure is getting long in the tooth. The question is what should you replace it with? This very thought can be daunting with some people not even knowing where to start.

The answer to that question is the current IT equipment that runs your business critical apps today. The next question is where do you want to be placing your business critical apps tomorrow? This question requires additional thought.

Most people will be thinking “in the cloud” as an obvious answer but, will it deliver the outcome your business’s needs?

What’s the path forward?

So what can I do to provide my business the IT foundation and desired flexibility to align the IT environment with business goals/direction? The easiest answer is to procure a hybrid cloud stack.

This will provide your business with the physical resource to run your environment today and a pathway to move business critical apps to & from the cloud.

Procuring a hybrid cloud stack enables your business to run a true hybrid cloud environment and receive the accompanying business flexibility and efficiencies. 

What advantages does a hybrid cloud stack give?

Hybrid cloud stacks change the traditional hardware architectures of five years ago. The hardware components combine the compute and storage into a single device.

These devices then act as building blocks which can be scaled out to provide the required physical resource. The advantages of using a hybrid cloud stack are:

  • Greater visibility of physical resource utilisation as it is tied into the operating system that your business critical apps reside on.
  • A dedicated storage platform is no longer required, reducing hardware support costs and internal skill sets required to manage the device.
  • Businesses can rethink their equipment refresh cycle as the five-year platform forklift is no longer required.
  • You can take advantage of the lowering costs of performance drives such as NVMe or 3D XPoint. In addition, you’ll benefit from the blistering performance that comes with these storage media types.

What workloads can I run on a hybrid cloud stack?

What business workloads fit a hybrid cloud stack? Most IT workloads of NZ businesses fit nicely on a hybrid cloud stack. Commonly suited workloads include: 

  • business applications contained within virtual machines
  • a virtual desktop fleet
  • remote office/branch office workloads
  • microservices housed in containers

Consideration needs to be given to solution resiliency when purchasing a hybrid cloud stack. This will ensure that the number of building block components aligns with the redundancy requirements of your business critical applications. 

What is PB Tech is doing in the hybrid cloud space?

PB Tech has run its own in-house initiative to create a product line tailored to NZ businesses - PB Validated Solutions. Our latest offering in our PB Validated Solution catalogue is two Hybrid Cloud All Flash Solutions aligned with Azure and running on Windows Server 2019 operating software.

PB created this unique offering to provide a number of advantages: 

  • removing the grunt work out of solution design and crafting the solution out of high-quality and certified componentry. 
  • made our solution customisable so businesses can adjust CPU, memory and storage requirements to meet their specific business needs. 
  • significantly reduced solution deployment time through automation so our solution is ready for your business’s workloads within a couple of days.
  • created a solution that can take the IT workloads of NZ businesses today and provides flexibility for to where those workloads run tomorrow.

PB Tech’s latest Hybrid Cloud Offering

PB’s 3 Node All Flash Hybrid Cloud Solution is designed for NZ businesses needing resiliency without compromising on performance. Built out of high-quality componentry and aligning with Microsoft’s standard, the solution is Azure Stack HCI certified.

Automate code significantly reduces deployment time whilst optimising the solution configuration right out of the box, meaning our solution is ready to run your applications.

We offer three and five-year post-sales warranty and support.

We want New Zealand businesses to rest assured that we stand by our solution to ensure it meets your business' required uptime.

Better with Windows Server 2019

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