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Nvidia RTX 3070 available now at PB Tech!

Posted in Articles on 30/10/2020

Picture of RTX 3070 graphics card at PB Tech

The brand new Nvidia RTX 3070 is available for order now at PB Tech. These latest model graphics cards offer amazing performance at this price point, holding their own and even beating the some of highest end cards of the last generation.

These 3070s are going to change the mid-high level gaming scene, with performance similar in many ways to 2080 Super and Ti, while costing less. These cards boast a whole host of Nvidia features, with ray tracing, DLSS at the fore and a plethora of others taking this card up a notch. Although it doesn’t quite have the same horsepower as it’s big brothers, the 3070 has more common power requirements, meaning it could just slot right in as a GPU upgrade.


- New cooler design options: Some of the RTX 3070 cooler designs/models, such as the Asus Dual RTX 3070, do not have a RTX 3080/90 counterpart, instead sporting their own unique design. Other models, such as the Gigabyte Gaming OC look almost identical, but do have differences, such as the power inputs and/or display outputs.

- Some GPU only have 1x HDMI: The new RTX 3070 series have a variety of ports, some with 2x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI outputs on the back. The number and type of ports does vary between models though so be sure to check the specs if your display setup has specific requirements.

- Power inputs vary between models: The 3070 looks to have two power connector layouts, with 8pin + 8pin or 6pin + 8Pin depending on the model chosen.

- No SLI bridge on the RTX 3070: Right now the RTX 3090 is the only new 30 series GPU to support dual graphics card gaming PC builds with the new SLi bridge.

Picture of the spot where an SLi connector would be, but isn't on the RTX 3070
The RTX 3070 does not feature the Nvidia SLi connector like the 3090 does
Picture showing the power inputs on the Asus DUAL RTX 3070 graphics card
Some graphics cards, such as the Asus Dual RTX 3070, use 2x 8-Pin power inputs
Picture showing the display outputs on the Gigabyte Vision RTX 3070 Graphics Card
The RTX 3070 has various display output configurations, such as this 2x HDMI 2x DP array

With the RTX 3070 now released, along with the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, we are now looking forward to seeing the next graphics card - will it be a RTX 3060 Ti? Perhaps a new GTX 4060 is in the works - who knows!? We're excited to see what's next in any case!

The team is adding all the awesome pictures and updating specs for the latest RTX 3070 models of Nvidia Graphics Cards & RTX Gaming PC powered by this incredible new hardware at PB Tech, shop all the new models in Video Cards at PB Tech today!

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