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Create a dynamic and collaborative learning environment with interactive...

Posted in Articles on 20/4/2022

New Zealand schools have been struggling with the increasing number of teacher and student Covid-19 cases.

Education institutions can prepare and create more inclusive learning environments for students before returning to school.

For instance, Gore High School had a 29 per cent total infection rate among pupils. Principal Tara Quinney reported that out of 49 teachers, 19 tested positive.

Having the students away on a break gives Gore High School and other schools plenty of time to recover. This also allows the Covid-19 cases to become more manageable for them.

“It was unfortunate some pupils and staff would probably have to isolate during the holidays, but it would help things at the school run smoothly,” Quinney said.

One of the ways schools can create a more inclusive learning environment is by having smartboards or interactive displays in the classroom. Interactive displays are a fantastic solution that offers flexibility and diversity to improve teaching processes.

At the same time, interactive displays encourage collaboration, allowing educators and learners to share and communicate easily with each other.

Here are some top uses of interactive displays in the classroom and how they benefit students.

Boosts student engagement 

According to research conducted by St. John Fisher College, interactive displays in the classroom increase engagement, peer collaboration and strengthen student learning comprehension. The study recommends educators consider using interactive displays to motivate and engage students.

With interactive materials, educators save time from having to constantly rewrite the material every time they teach and can focus on improving it instead. They can create more dynamic lessons through writing with a stylus or typing on the screen.

Most lesson plans and presentations have a digital or interactive component. Teachers integrating different audio, images, and video mediums create a more immersive learning experience. 

Easily save, share, and send lessons

Teachers need to ensure students are up to date with all learning material, especially those absent due to an illness. Usually, teachers entrust other students to relay the lesson material to their sick classmates.

Interactive displays allow teachers to record their lessons and save them for students to access later. They can also teach online which can be beneficial for secondary and tertiary students, who can still learn even when they’re unable to come to class or away sick.

Teachers can replicate the classroom experience using a digital whiteboard, a PowerPoint presentation, and other media, making learning more engaging for students. 

Accommodates all learning styles

Interactive displays offer flexibility and cater to any learning style. Visual learners can benefit and be engaged with various visual aids teachers can use on the interactive display. Teachers can easily play music, videos, podcasts, and other audio material on the smartboard for auditory learners. Kinesthetic learners who like hands-on activities will appreciate interactive displays that come with a stylus pen or support multi-touch, allowing them to use the board to brainstorm and collaborate with their peers.

Choosing the right display solution for your school, university or organisation can play a big factor in how engaging and effective your presentations and lessons are. 

Screen clarity and image quality are essential features to ensure students have the best learning experience. Still, there are other things you might want to consider, such as interactivity and extra features that can elevate teaching.

With so many display solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We've put together a list of our top recommendations from each category to help you make a choice.

Increase student engagement and collaboration - Newline TRUTOUCH RS Series Smartboard

Newline's TRUTOUCH RS Series is a versatile 4K UHD interactive display that brings more collaboration and student engagement to the classroom. With a single touch, educators can quickly turn the display into a digital whiteboard and use various software to supplement with teaching material.

Available in 64-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch displays, the TRUTOUCH RS Series Smartboard delivers outstanding clarity and 178° viewing angles allowing students to have a better viewing experience and sit anywhere in the classroom.

The TRUTOUCH RS Series can differentiate between a finger, stylus and palm and reacts on the screen as either a marker, pen, or eraser.

Interactive displays can genuinely make a collaborative space. The TRUTOUCH RS supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing students to collaborate by interacting with the screen simultaneously.

The Newline Cast built-in allows teachers to wirelessly cast their screen on the display and present lesson material or other multi-media files. Many teachers will appreciate that they can effortlessly share their screens and files wirelessly.

Bringing students closer - LG CreateBoard TR3DJ-B Series

LG's CreateBoard TR3DJ-B Series is an excellent addition to a classroom with plenty of features that create an inclusive and collaborative classroom.

This all-in-one display is available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch, providing easy connection and sharing capabilities. The CreateBoard allows for wireless screen mirroring for up to 6 devices and is capable with various operating systems, making it easy to communicate and meet with other teachers.

The display board is designed with a user-friendly experience for a smooth touch and writing experience. The TR3DJ series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of the multi-touch function, offering a board touch experience that brings the students together to collaborate. 

The versatile, portable digital flipchart – Samsung Flip Series

Say goodbye to unwieldy paper flipcharts, messy whiteboards, and smelly markers with the Samsung Flip Series.

With Samsung Flip, ideas can flow freely for students and teachers. Its enhanced collaboration capabilities empower any teacher to lead their class while encouraging students to develop new ideas without the hassle of any technical difficulties.

Available on 55-inch, 65-inch and 85-inch screens, the Flip 2 gives a smooth and familiar pen-to-paper-like writing experience allowing students to interact and learn better through collaboration. Brush Mode will enable you to create art at the stroke of a brush in water and oil painting modes. Up to four people can write simultaneously and erase drawings with a finger or palm swipe on any background source. By simply clicking the note layer button, you can enjoy smooth writing anytime, anywhere on any content displayed, without affecting any work behind the original layer.

Touch out functionality allows teachers to sync their smartphones or tablets with the Samsung Flip for real-time content sharing and control. The Flip 2 allows educators to connect their PC to the board remotely, meaning any class can start without a PC in the room to avoid delays.

At the same time, the Samsung Flip 3 75-inch interactive display is a great addition to a hybrid learning solution - improving classroom learning in numerous ways. The new model not only benefits teachers and students with its improved features but also inhibits microbial growth and protects teachers and students against certain bacteria. Teachers and students can have peace of mind and stay focused on what matters.

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