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Essential IT accessories for functional teaching workstations

Posted in Articles on 27/4/2022

On top of managing the spread of Covid-19 in the classroom, many teachers feel overworked.

According to NZEI Te Riu Roa, the survey they conducted shows, that out of 2415 primary school teachers, almost half worked more than 50 hours per week. Out of the 473 who completed the survey, 70 per cent worked more than 50 hours a week while another 20 per cent worked more than 60 hours.

At the same time, ERO reported that although teachers and principals innovated quickly in response to Covid-19, their well-being has been significantly impacted.

According to the ERO report, many principals and teachers feel less supported, resulting in decreased work enjoyment. Smaller schools and younger teachers were affected more and struggled the most.

One way to alleviate the stress and support teachers is by providing them with the proper desk accommodations to ensure they’re comfortable while writing and planning lesson plans or marking student papers.

Educators would have had most essential equipment and hardware sussed out. These essentials include a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mice, and headset. 

Education institutions can go the extra mile and ensure their teachers are equipped with the right tools for a functional workstation.

Several studies have linked the design of a workstation to influencing productivity. Here are some suggestions to improve educators’ classroom desk setup or work-from-home setup.

2-in-1 Laptop Stand

Elegant and simple, the StarTech LTSTND2IN1 2-in-1 Laptop Stand is a simple way to create more space. It’s ideal for teachers with limited desk space while ensuring they keep a healthy posture while they work.

This sleek silver aluminium 2-in-1 Laptop Stand can be used tilted or upright for laptops up to 15-inches.

When tilted, it gives an ergonomic position offering the correct viewing height of 17°. This is a great solution for teachers who suffer from neck and back pains when working for long periods.

In an upright position, educators can keep their workstations organised by allowing them to store their laptops away, maximising their desk space. The stand provides increased stability and weight distribution with the included bracket, ensuring the laptop is safe and stays vertically mounted, leaving all ports accessible when using a docking station.

Monitor Riser

Like the laptop stand, another way to expand the desk space and work ergonomically at home is using monitor risers.

Compared to other monitor risers that occupy and take space, the StarTech MNRISERCLMP Monitor Riser clamps on the back edge of the desk and hovers over the workspace.

Educators can utilise the extra space with an added level to place other equipment like a monitor, desk fan, and headphones, or put away the keyboard and mouse underneath the monitor riser.

Desk Mount for power strip

Everyone uses power boxes which allows them to use multiple outlets to power devices. However, they tend to occupy desk space, or awkwardly hang on the side, causing possible electrical hazards.

Help teachers keep their desk space organised and hazard-free using the StarTech PWRSTRPCLMP Power Strip Desk Mount.

Give them easy access to power outlets by mounting the power box on the edge of the desk.

Educators can adjust the width with ease using the spring-loaded design. The desk mount comes with silicone pads that securely hold most power box sizes 40 to 60 mm wide.

The clamp can be easily attached to the edges of desks, tables and other flat surfaces up to 50mm thick.

Lap Desk

For educators who enjoy moving around or switching to different scenery to boost their productivity, using a travel lap desk provides a solid surface to work anywhere comfortably.

The StarTech NTBKPAD Portable Lap Pad is ideal for 13-inch to 15-inch sized laptops. It comes with a retractable mouse pad that extends on either side, working equally well for right or left-handed users.

This lap pad can easily fit in most backpacks.  It’s sturdy and light, weighing only 0.5 kgs - ideal for teachers who commute or travel for work.

The heat from the laptop may slowly burn the skin, especially in direct contact. Most would put a pillow under the laptop, but it would be unbalanced, and the lack of airflow under the laptop would cause it to overheat.

Compared to a pillow, the top surface of the notebook lap pad provides a heat-resistant barrier. The textured silicone surface keeps the laptop from sliding off and prevents heat transfer, allowing teachers to work with ease and comfort.

Docking Station

In the past, laptops came with all the ports that would allow them to connect to various peripherals. However, laptops are reducing the number of ports pursuing a slim, lightweight, and portable design. Thus, making it harder for teachers to transfer files using storage devices or connect to an external monitor.

A docking station can alleviate this problem and allows employees to connect their laptops to a monitor, printer, keyboard, or mouse. This will enable educators to use devices simultaneously that are necessary for them to complete their tasks.

The DK30A2DH Dual 4K Docking Station offers flexibility as it works with both USB-C and USB-A laptops, and supports multiple combinations of Ultra HD 4K Display ports and HDMI monitors.

This dual docking station can support high-resolution monitors, enabling teachers to expand their laptop screens across two Ultra HD 4K displays.

The DK30A2DH Dual Dock allows staff to transform their Mac or Windows laptop into a complete workstation using six USB 3.0 (Type-A) ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a separate 3.5 mm audio and microphone port to allow multiple audio connections.

Multiport Adapters

In most cases, traditional laptop docking stations would be the go-to choice. Unfortunately, the semiconductor chip shortage continues to impact the availability of docking stations worldwide.

A USB-C Multiport Adapter is a great alternative solution to a docking station. These adapters offer most of the same functionality as a fully-fledged laptop dock with the added benefit of increased portability.

To many, a multiport adapter may look more or less the same. But looking closely, each adapter contains a variety of powerful functions depending on the user's needs.

Turn laptops into powerful workstations and eliminate the hassle of carrying different port cables using the DKT30CSDHPD USB-C™ Multiport Adapter. This USB-C adapter lets you add 4K Ultra HD HDMI® video output, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one Gigabit Ethernet port and one SD card reader slot through your laptop’s USB-C port.

This versatile multiport makes it easy for teachers to create a dual-monitor workstation. With a 4K HDMI port, they can easily connect a high-resolution monitor and open more windows at once, increasing productivity.

The upgraded model, DKT30CSDHPD3 Multiport Adapter offers advanced charging through USB Power Delivery 3.0. This allows staff to charge their laptops while powering peripherals when connected to the USB-C port.

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