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Opt for off-lease devices – Everything schools should know about refurbished...

Posted in Articles on 11/5/2022

When it comes to supplying learners and educators with new laptops, many schools hesitate to purchase top-of-the-line devices. For many schools, buying the latest models simply isn’t affordable as many would need to allocate their budget to other essentials.

Schools can overcome this by opting for refurbished devices instead of buying brand-new lower-end devices.

What are refurbished laptops?

When most buyers hear the word 'refurbished', they simply assume these laptops are the same as second-hand and used devices.

Refurbished laptops, also known as ex-lease or off-lease laptops, are devices in their second life. Typically, they were purchased by a company via lease for a time period in their previous life.

Some companies return leased devices to the supplier if they still have a considerable use life. These devices are usually inspected, wiped clean, upgraded to the new operating system, repaired if needed, and resold as certified pre-owned laptops at a fraction of their original price.

There are many common misconceptions revolving around off-lease devices.  Due to these assumptions, many schools deter from considering off-lease devices as a viable option.

Here is everything education leaders should know about these preconceived notions of refurbished devices and how they can save money by giving these devices a second life.

Misconception 1: Refurbished devices don’t have good technical specifications

Like brand-new devices, off-lease devices come in a variety of specifications. Many education leaders will be surprised to find the wide range of options with features and technical specifications to fit their budget and needs.

Since these devices were supplied to businesses, they usually have high specifications to process complex tasks and remain operational for years to come. Premium business devices also have better material and build quality compared to retail consumer laptops, which means they still have years of life in them after their initial lease period comes to an end.

Misconception 2: Ex-lease devices have inferior consumer protection because they don’t come with a warranty

Off-lease devices at PB Tech come with a three-month warranty, which can be extended to a 12-month warranty for just $79, excluding GST.

Educational institutions can rest easy knowing they’ll get the same guarantees and consumer rights protection on off-lease devices that they would on brand new hardware.

One of the main reasons schools consider purchasing second-hand devices for their fleet is to take advantage of their savings compared to purchasing brand-new devices.

Choosing PB Tech’s off-lease range ensures that schools can leverage savings to ensure that the device has been refurbished, cleaned, and resold to a high standard.

Misconception 3: Refurbished devices have a low return on investment (ROI)

Another commonly held assumption about purchasing off-lease is that these devices won’t last as long as newer models. Many buyers assume since these devices are midway through their lifespan, they will have a lower return on investment (ROI).

However, off-lease business devices have a superior build compared to retail consumer devices. Also, a school can get off-lease devices with higher specifications and extend the device’s warranty for the same price, thus returning a high ROI.

Schools can get devices that have three times the speed compared to brand new models at the same price, making them great for graphics and engineering students.

Sustainable IT Solutions for Education

With environmental issues on the rise, more pressure is being put on organisations to take socially responsible steps to minimise environmental damage.

In the IT industry, many companies are becoming more environmentally responsible. Technology companies are looking into more sustainable and environmental methods to manufacture, use, and dispose of IT devices.

At PB Tech, we do our best to play our part toward a more sustainable future. We recycle plastic and cardboard that comes through our warehouses and stores, and we package our online orders with recyclable materials.

PB Tech’s Second Life Sustainability solution plays a part in sustainable IT by giving devices a second life where possible. This also involves disposing of old hardware responsibly, so they don't end up in the landfill where they’ll likely leach toxic chemicals into the earth.

Pre-owed devices from PB Teach are guaranteed to be a functional and affordable option for education institutions. Refurbished devices allow schools that are operating within a tight budget to save money without sacrificing much in a way of performance at a lower price point.

Discover and save on these Off-lease Laptops

The HP Elite X360 G2 Notebook is a great compact and portable 13.3-inch display laptop to supply to educators and learners. The Elite X360 G2 is a fully convertible laptop, allowing users to use the devices in multiple ways. Thanks to the 360-degree hinges, the X360 G2 can be used in traditional laptop mode or tablet mode.

The Lenovo Carbon X1 Notebook delivers reliable performance, making it easy for teachers and students to stay connected with a long-lasting battery. With a 128 GB solid-state drive, the Carbon X1 has high-performing storage, delivering fast data transfer speeds.

The Dell Latitude E7270 Notebook is designed to help students be productive all day. This compact and lightweight 12-inch laptop is powered by the latest Intel® processor and provides long-lasting battery life. With high-performance storage and pre-loaded Windows 10 Pro, this laptop offers full compatibility with various software and peripherals.

Recommended Off-lease devices at PB Tech

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