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Best Cameras for students and school media departments (2022)

Posted in Articles on 08/6/2022

Visual media is everywhere in society. The school media department provides an avenue for students to discover various career options within the media industry.

Therefore, schools need to ensure that they’re equipped with suitable media devices to allow students to explore different ways to express their creativity and ideas.

If your media department’s equipment needs replacing, PB Tech has a great range of camera models. To make your life easier, our team has selected popular cameras suitable for media and film students.

The camera any student can use

The Canon EOS 3000D is a great introductory DSLR camera for students, offering impressive high-quality image and video results. Using 18 MP on a high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD and background blur, students can capture photos in great detail. 

Students can shoot and learn as they go using the built-in guide feature, helping them understand each mode as they use the camera. They can produce full HD videos with an amazing cinematic feel using the DSLR control depth of field, which keeps subjects sharp and the background blurred.

Whether students are absolute beginners or working on an advanced video project, the EOS 3000D is a great addition to your media department.

The best all-rounder camera

The EOS M50 II Mirrorless Camera packs the latest video and photo technology into a stylish design that students can easily carry around, weighing only 388 grams. With the DSLR-sized sensor and incredible processing power, students can shoot and capture stunning photos and 4K videos in any lighting condition.

Equipped with the Vari-Angle touchscreen and the central electronic viewfinder, the EOS M50 allows students to shoot from different angles using intuitive touchscreen controls. They can also capture stills or videos from any distance with ease using the camera's ability to lock and track subjects.

Designed for photography enthusiasts

The Canon EOS 1500D is the next level up from the Canon EOS 3000D, designed especially for students looking to get impressive images straight out of the box. Students can shoot and instantly share DSLR quality images with the Canon Camera Connect App.

With easy-to-use automatic shooting modes and a large 24.1 MP sensor, the EOS 1500D is an excellent camera for photography enthusiasts. The camera comes with a 9-point autofocus system ensuring images look pristine and sharp. Students have plenty of options to get their desired results with over 80 compatible lenses, including the EF and EF-S lenses.

The best camera for serious photography students

The Canon EOS 850D  is a mid-range DSLR and the perfect camera to kickstart students in their photography journey.

The EOS 90D comes with a 24.1 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 imaging processor, picking up fine details that smartphones and standard compact digital cameras struggle with.

Students can balance out their shots using the improved Auto Lighting optimiser, reducing highlight blowouts, and correcting gradients when shooting in bright areas. With AI Focus Auto Focus (AF), the EOS 850D automatically switches between One-Shot AF and Servo AF, picking the best focus setting for the scene.

Many students might be familiar with the lag time when seeing their subject's movement on the viewfinder display. The EOS 850D resolves this issue using its cross-type 45-point AF sensor, allowing students to capture 7 frames per second, the perfect camera when taking shots of moving subjects.

A versatile camera with great built-in features

The Canon EOS R10 combines high-end AF tracking and speed into a lightweight mirrorless camera. Students can shoot high-speed RAW bursts of up to 23 frames per second with the AF tracking. At the same time, the EOS R10 captures 0.5 seconds of pre-shooting, ensuring students never miss a moment of action.

The EOS R10 supports tracking for a wide range of subjects, including humans, animals, and vehicles. It automatically responds to fast-paced scenes and tracks subjects over the entire screen.

The EOS R10 can use a variety of lenses, including RF and RF-S lenses for EOS R, and EF and EF-S lenses for EOS DSLR. From shooting wide-angle shots to portraits, EOS R10's lens versatility allows students to capture any photographic scenario.


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