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Top 10 Gaming Keyboards at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 19/1/2015 (updated on 19/6/2019)

Today we're taking a look at the top picks in Gaming Keyboards available now at PB Tech NZ with options that use lasers to actuate keys, oh so fancy leatherette plushy wrist rests and of course, seizure-inducing RGB lighting for those that love to go full disco.

We'll be using a few technical terms in this one, so if anything could use a little more explanation, check out the PB Keyboard Buying Guide for more details on switch types, sizes etc. Majority of the keyboards in our list have anti-ghosting, custom macros, rollover, mechanical keys and all that good stuff that makes them great for gaming - we'll include options that cover the super expensive and the best value so sit back, crack your knuckles, and let us find the best type of Gaming Keyboard for you!

Picture of Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

The K95 Platinum Gaming Keyboard is an outstanding piece of gaming gear. The key points that made this one a long-running champion are still going strong, such us the volume roller and USB passthrough.

Key spacing is excellent, the characters displayed are both large and vibrant thanks to the evenly lit backlighting that shines through. It's important to note that the RGB glow with this one is crazy bright due to the keys being raised, you can dim it of course but on default rainbow mode it'll light up the room.

Underneath you'll find cable management channels going out in four directions, and speaking of, the 2x USB cables use to connect the keyboard to your PC (1 for keyboard, another for pass-through) are thick, fully braided goodness. The spacebar has a neat pattern and included in the box are additional replacement keys should you want to add some tactile texture or slope to WASD & QERF.

The Corsair K95 Platinum has dedicated macro buttons along the left, and 8MB of built-in storage for lighting combinations or killer combos - this is great as it lets us take our settings to a LAN without the need for Corsair software accessing the cloud. Speaking of the iCue software package, this has come a long way since its release and now it's easier than ever to use. You'll be happily tweaking settings and blasting RGB profiles over your Corsair gaming headsets, mice and chassis lighting in no time at all - it's well worth the download.

Picture of Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboard

Not to be confused with the previous Orion Spark, the Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboard is what happens when a company listens to customer feedback and adjusts to make their products even better.

A small detail in the keycaps has been adjusted to be smoother allowing for easier finger travel between them during the more complex manoeuvres we all attempt while in the heat of battle. With a darker look, RGB logo and those ultra fast Romer-G mechanical switches to give you incredible responsiveness, this sleek RGB Mechanical keyboard actuates your presses faster than standard mechanical switches. This faster actuation gives you a faster response for the winning edge in battles where every move you make matters.

The Orion Spectrum allows for some pretty extreme customisation via the Logitech Gaming software, you can tweak keyboards lighting effects and mark individual keys by colour to keep track of spells and game commands. Each key’s backlight can be customised from a palette of 16.8 million colours. The key letters are entirely illuminated for a beautiful, evenly-lit glow with minimal light leakage.

The keyboard’s adjustable smart dock positions your phone perfectly at the top of the keyboard and you can also download ARX Control app for your device (works with both Android and Apple) which introduces some interesting and useful second-screen capabilities. You don't actually need the keyboard to make use of this awesome software though, you can use your smartphone or tablet screen to display in-game info, vital system statistics and more.

This ARX Control app is so good we've actually made a video to show how it works, check it out on the PB Tech YouTube channel!

Picture of Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

The Razer Huntsman Elite is a masterpiece of comfort thanks to the included magnetic wrist rest which snaps to fit at the front of your keyboard. Made of plush leatherette for long-lasting comfort, this one also features Razer Chroma enabled underglow lighting for an additional 20 customisation zones... it's crazy how smooth this keyboard looks and feels.

A multi-function digital dial with three tactile media keys gives you instant access to everything from brightness to volume in seconds, all of which are programmable via the Synapse software package. The clean design used for the Huntsman is really very elegant, nowhere near as aggressive as the options above and this makes this Gaming Keyboard ideal for the office executive by day, and a top-ranked gamer by night.

At the start of this article, we mentioned keyboards with laser actuation and the Razer Huntsman Elite is the one that has this - they call them Opto-Mechanical (Optical Mechanical) and what it means is the keys use an infrared beam to signal contact, rather than the traditional point-to-point contact seen in mechanical switches. You still get the nice 45g resistance feeling that comes from the springs, it's just that wee bit faster to send the keypress signal, and not as loud as the classic MX blues (but it's still pretty loud).

Picture of Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

The Corsair Gaming K70 mk.2 Gaming Keyboard is another premium mechanical keyboard that is built to last. Similar in many ways to the top-rated K95 Platinum above but the K70 mk.2 has options that include all the traditional Cherry MX switch options so you can get yours with red, blue, brown, silent, and speed to suit - there are even low profile versions that make this fine keyboard even slimmer!

All versions include a wrist rest and replacement keycaps for those that love playing FPS or MOBA games. With the sleek design, macro configuration and vibrant RGB lighting options that come from Corsair iCue, you can have your Corsair Gaming Keyboard react to your in-game actions with effects that dynamically light up in games such as Metro Exodus, The Division 2, Far Cry New Dawn and more - it's all seriously good stuff!

Picture of Razer Cynosa Gaming Keyboard at PB TechPulling back from the expensive options above, this Razer Cynosa RGB Gaming Keyboard offers gamers a gorgeous keyboard that won't hurt your wallet too much.

A durable build that captures the Razer style with a clean black frame and some extremely good lighting effects, you can individually adjust the programmable backlit keys with the full 16.8 million colour options. Choose from preloaded lighting effects or create your own unique palette of colours for a unique gaming setup through the Razer Synapse software package.

The Razer Cynosa is likely the quietest option in our list too, with soft cushioned gaming keys providing comfort and superior housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards, so while it's not mechanical, the keypress is still solid.

Picture of SteelSeries APEX M750 Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

The talented team at SteelSeries have been making great keyboards for a very time now. This stunning SteelSeries APEX M750 is a keyboard designed for competitive gaming and features QX2 mechanical RGB switches which are engineered for pure performance.

The QX2 switch uses copper click leaves, clear casings and Duracon thermoplastic stems, to deliver silky smooth linear operation. Their 45cN force and 2mm actuation point (4mm total travel!) is the holy grail for profession players looking for fast reaction times. This one is built like a tank too, the APEX M750 frame is built with aerospace aluminium to provide a rock-solid base for the mechanical switches, this use of series 5000 aluminium alloy gives the Apex M750 zero-flex stability.

Lighting and macro can be configured easily with the SteelSeries Engine software package, and much like the options above, if you're working with SteelSeries for your mouse and headset too all options can be configured together.

Picture of Cooler Master CK350 RGB Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

Another great value option, this time from Cooler Master. The CK350 RGB Gaming Keyboard has a very small footprint for a full sized keyboard, with the minimalistic design and brushed dark aluminium framing that looks expensive, but isn't!

You adjust the RGB lighting on this one with no software needed, instead, we're using the Cooler Master Key as a modifier to adjust speeds, colours and patterns to suit.

The mechanical switches used are named Outemu and the CK350 comes with either Blue, Red and Brown options to match your desired resistance.

Picture of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro TKL Keyboard at PB Tech

Going smaller for the next one we have the outstanding TKL option in the HyperX Alloy FPS PRO Gaming Keyboard which is a serious keyboard for serious players, engineered for durability, reliability, and accuracy.

With its compact design, solid steel frame and Cherry MX Blue switches, the Alloy FPS series is ideal for those looking for something lean and mean. It basically covers all the essentials with nothing else, players can enjoy 100% Anti-Ghosting, N-key rollover, and Game Mode to disable the windows key function.

A detachable USB cable makes this one perfect for travel, and so long as your favourite LED colour is red, you'll be a very happy gamer indeed.

Picture of the eBlue RGB Gaming Keyboard at PB Tech

Rounding off our list (for now) we have the exceptionally well priced eBlue RGB Gaming Keyboard and this one really is good value! 

It's 104 keys of RGB goodness, with no software to be seen, so everything is controlled via the keyboard itself. It's all very easy though so you'll be happily using the FN key modifier to adjust brightness and patterns until you get things just right.

That aside the latest version has been receiving a number of positive reviews, and we totally agree that this one does indeed offer a lot of "bang for your buck" and it really is both "cheap and cheerful" :)

Woah! So many great options already and this is just a small part of our massive Gaming Keyboard range here at PB Tech - be sure to keep your eyes on Tips & News for the latest models and styles as they arrive!


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