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Will you buy a new Kindle?

Posted in Articles on 01/4/2015
How will the e-reader evolve over the next decade?

Whether you've been a fan of Amazon's Kindle, the e-Readers are definitely something to take note of. The question is, when should people look to make an upgrade to a new model?

With the picture quality, connectivity and battery life being very impressive already, this is also a question of whether Amazon or some other device manufacturer will redefine what an e-reader is to the average consumer.

E-reader sales are anticipated to increase at a suppressed rate throughout 2015, but eventually decline around 2019, according to Forrester Research. While you could assume Forrester's findings mean that e-readers won't be "cool" in four years, the decline in sales may be due to lengthening lifecycles of such devices. Still, Amazon and other similar companies are likely doing whatever they can to ensure the predictions don't come true.


As far as usability is concerned, Gigaom contributor Laura Owen reviewed the Voyage after reading two books on the device: one with black and white line drawings and another with photos. According to her, both these graphics "rendered nicely". She expanded by noting that viewing cookbooks, in particular, is no longer a frustrating task, as users don't have to worry about smudging the screen with food to turn a page.

At the end of the day, if you've already got solid e-reader, you may not see much of a reason to upgrade. Let's not forget how amazing Kindle e-readers really are. Not only can you store enough books to fill up half your shelf on something that weighs less than a kilogramme, many allow you to quickly look up words, preview chapters and share your favourite quotes or lines on social media. For convenience's sake, choosing an e-reader makes a lot of sense.

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