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Laptops that can support professional-grade video editing programmes

Posted in Articles on 08/6/2015 (updated on 19/6/2019)

RTX laptops for content creators at PB Tech

Whether you prefer Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro, you need a machine that's capable of supporting professional video editing software. 

With this article, it's assumed that you have ruled out Final Cut Pro, which is only available to those using the Apple's operating system - you can learn more about this in the Top 5 laptops for Graphic Designers article.

If you're going to be running with the Windows 10 OS though, and need a system that makes use of the most powerful RTX graphics options, this one is for you!

Recently, at the Computex 2019 event, Nvidia started a new initiative around RTX graphics chips for content creation. During their presentation, NVIDIA took some time to explain the new RTX Studio ID, which is a new badge to be displayed on laptops to quickly show that they meet the configuration needed (and have also been tested with) with popular design programs such as Autodesk, DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom, and Unreal Engine.

It's more than just the RTX graphics though, in order for a laptop to earn the RTX Studio badge, they would have to meet a range of hardware criteria.

Specifically, an RTX Studio laptop must have:

1: GeForce RTX 2060 graphics or higher

2: 16GB or more RAM inside

3: 512GB or larger SSD

4: Intel Core i7 or above

See below for our latest range of laptops that meets this specification, and be sure to keep your eyes on PB Tech Tips & News for the latest information on this new way to identify a laptop suitable for professional content creation, video editing and graphic design work.

RTX Studio - Laptops that meet the requirements

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