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Phone systems PB Tech have on offer

Posted in Articles on 02/7/2015 (updated on 02/7/2015)

Phone systems PB Tech have on offer

What phone system should you choose?

When it comes to replacing your phone system, there's a number of questions you may want to ask such as:


- What is the telephony experience of the provider?

- What type of support do I get after installation?

- Does the system have the features I need?

- How does the solution 'scale' as we grow?

- Can we keep our existing handsets? (and do we want to?)


PB Technologies in partnership with Cube ICT are an unbeatable combination, and will deliver you a completely integrated communications solution that suits your needs and budget.

PBX Vendor brands

The range of PBX vendor brands globally is large; from Microsoft to Avaya, Samsung to Panasonic and Asterix to 3CX based solutions, each brand has their own pros and cons. The basic premise for deciding on which brand to go with, come's down quite simply to which is the most suitable for your needs in regards to both functionality, suitability and budget.

To ensure a positive result for you, PB Tech will customise a solution from one of the major PBX brands that best suits your needs. All PB Tech solutions include handsets (more than 20 options to choose from), installation, training and support. PB Tech also offers both finance and open term options to give you complete flexibility when choosing a system that's best for you.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a technology which enables voice calls to occur over a data link (internet) as opposed to traditional phone lines. Speech is converted to packets of voice data which are sent and received. To enable a VOIP systems to operate you don't need a special line. Your current internet connection will be tested to ensure compatibility and speed and a router that separates voice and internet traffic to ensure quality of service, is supplied. Here at PB, we can offer you an UNLIMITED data connection, which is possibly quicker than what you currently have to service your internet browsing, email and voice solution.

With high definition handsets and correctly configured hardware, the quality of your calls in many cases will be improved from a traditional system. Each of the PB Tech phone systems are guaranteed against call drop outs as we configure the phones, switches and routers ourselves to ensure any issues are avoided.

SIP vs traditional (copper/analogue

Session initiation protocol (SIP) offers the most flexibility when making and receiving calls. It enables you to add or remove 'channels' at your leisure as your business requires change. In order to save on monthly call costs, calling packs can be purchased from many providers. Non-SIP also known as 'copper' technology is a more traditional method of communicating and is not affected by internet or power outages. This technology does however require analogue or ISDN lines for voice communication, which can be expensive.

Save with a PB Tech phone system

By having a PB Tech supplied and installed phone system, you're getting cheaper calls, better quality audio, new handsets and a huge range of PBX features, usually for less than you're currently spending on calls alone.

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