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Why Chromebooks are perfect devices for primary school students

Posted in Articles (updated on 07/5/2020)

Why Chromebooks are perfect devices for primary schools studednts

As both parents and teachers come to terms with the new normal imposed by Covid-19, it’s become clear that technology will play a critical role in how education is delivered moving forward. As such, both parties are working hard to ensure learners have access to the digital tools they need for distance learning. Three key factors make Chromebooks the perfect BYOD device for primary school students: price point, ease of device management, and build quality.

Chromebooks: The ultimate low-cost BYOD device

Chromebooks have emerged as a favourite in the race to provide schoolchildren with learning devices. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, an operating system where almost everything you need is built-in to the Chromebook itself. Cloud storage, Google products and apps (some designed for education), security and speed are all built-in features.

There are many reliable models by brands such as Acer, Asus, Lenovo and more. A popular advantage of Chromebooks are their competitive price point compared to many other education devices in the market. They’re also cheaper to replace or repair if ever needed. In addition, they are fast, portable, easy to use and manage and have a long battery life.

ASUS Chromebook C204MAASUS Chromebook C204MA


Device management

Chromebooks are straightforward, easy to use and distribute, which allows students to gain web access quickly. Manual setup isn’t required for multiple users, therefore can be shared between students or siblings simply by signing in and out. There's no need to rely on school networks, as integrated Wi-Fi and optional 3G is offered for constant connectivity, and boot-up time is almost immediate, leaving more time for teaching and learning.

Device management features are built into the Google Apps Admin console, making managing the software simple especially if a school is currently already using Google’s education apps. Simple manageability, a large app ecosystem, and affordable pricing are three great reasons to consider Google Chromebooks for the classroom.

ASUS Chromebook C204MAASUS Chromebook C204MA



Chromebooks are also built in ways that make them compelling devices for use by primary schoolchildren. Students of that age tend to be active, exuberant, and careless with their belongings. They need rugged devices that are able to weather that treatment, and Chromebooks are built with that in mind. The HP Chromebook 11 features a spill-resistant keyboard, so you don’t have to worry about an accidental water bottle spill requiring you to replace the device. The Lenovo 100E G2 is drop-resistant up to 75cm - is the approximate height of a school desk. Chromebooks can also come in lightweight form factors, making them easier on little ones to carry around all day.

ASUS Chromebook C403NAASUS Chromebook C403NA


Are Chromebooks the right device for your learning or teaching needs?

Our education specialists can take your through our extensive range of Chromebooks to identify one that best suits your needs or help you pick a different education device - talk to us today.

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