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Multiple laptops for multiple classrooms

Posted in Tips on 06/7/2015

Multiple laptops for multiple classrooms

One of the biggest changes in the education industry is the increased use of technology. This has become quickly ingrained in the teaching process throughout many schools. To assist in the convenience of storing, charging and transporting school devices, are Notebook trolleys. Notebook trolleys are a great mobile way to store and charge multiple devices securely. The practical compact units enable laptops/chromebooks to be easily moved around, charged and stored all in one.

Reliable storage and useful portability

As a result of multiple devices being used daily in a classroom environment, the need for reliable storage and efficient charging is essential and notebook trolleys can provide the ideal solution. A variety of brands are available, here at PB Tech we stock brands such as, Chenbro, Unitek and Orico. Each incorporate pre-wired 3 pin plug sockets, allowing the entire unit to be plugged in to a standard wall socket to charge. Not only do they easily charge multiple devices, they are also a great way to securely transport laptops, perfect for school use to transport from classroom to library or classroom to classroom. The incredible portability to move multiple laptops together to different rooms enables flexible teaching and the ability to integrate technology into a range of curricular activities throughout the day. Devices can also be safely stored when not being used whilst charging, ready to be used by students in the next class. Trolleys can also be used by ICT departments.

Added Security

The units also allow each individual laptop to be charged and stored in individual bays. This ensures each device is protected from others and each has enough space to be stored safely. For additional security and stability, lockable doors and wheels are also attached. AT PB Tech we have a range of mobile charging trolleys available, designed to make it easier to transport and charge devices, a perfect solution for any educational institution. Bring computers to the class with a useful and long lasting charging trolley model that best suits your needs.

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