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How to choose the best modem router for your 5-bedroom home

Posted in Articles on 15/7/2015
Can your router support your data-hungry household?

There's something nice about living in a large shared home, especially when you're in your 20s. The lifestyle exposes you to an eclectic mix of personalities, offering different perspectives on the volatile animal we call life.

Then again, when one modem router is responsible for providing reliable internet connections to you and your four roommates, things can get a little frustrating. Never mind lacklustre HD video download speeds, what happens when you're working from home and you connection is disrupted?

For big households, a dual-band router is typically the best choice.

So, the flat has decided to pool money to purchase a new modem router. Fair play, but before you visit the nearest tech store, there are a couple of questions you need to answer.

What are our internet usage habits? 

Is everybody in the apartment always checking their phones? How many people regularly use a printer? Does your flatmate typically access cloud-hosted applications to conduct work for his or her job? You get the idea. It's not about figuring out how much data you consume, but how robust your network needs to be.

Given that you live in a big house, and many of you participate in data-intensive activities over the web, your best bet is to go with a dual-band router.

What is Dual Band?

Dual band supports both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz, which are the 'bands' (i.e wireless frequencies). Some members of your household may be using new devices that support 5.0GHz, whereas others may have older PCs that can only access 2.4GHz.

Does the modem router really improve internet speeds?

The short answer? No. Your internet service provider (ISP) dictates how fast your download speeds are. For example, if your ISP offers speeds of up to 500 megabits per second (Mbps) but have a router that delivers 1900Mbps, you'll still only get 500Mbps.

Be aware of this before buying a router that offers super-fast speeds - it won't matter unless your ISP backs that transmission.

With these questions answered, you'll have a better idea of what sort of modem router you should purchase. 

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