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PB Tech Backup Service

Reliable backup and recovery

PB makes it easy to reliably backup and recover your businesses important data.

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Reliable backup and recovery are critical to today's information driven business. PB Tech backup service is the complete backup and recovery solution for businesses. Combining proven disk and online technologies, the PB Tech backup service solution radically simplifies the protection of all your company's servers with reliable, automated backup and rapid recovery.

Solutions we provide

Below are some of the services you can expect:

  • Automatically moves data off-site to a secure facility                                                                             
  • Achieves business continuity and data protection with limited or no IT involvement
  • Delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup
  • Provides reliable backups and data recovery                                               
  • Archives data with long-term history that you define                            
  • Removes the costs, hassles and human error associated with tape backup

PB's backup and recovery solution provides the essentials

Below are some of the features you can expect:

  • Fully automated backup and reliable recovery
  • Rapid recovery
  • Central management
  • Continuous or scheduled backup
  • Flexible bandwidth management
  • Virtual server boot on failure

How it works

PB Tech Backup and Recovery solution uses the Internet or Wide Area Network and disk technologies to continuously back up servers. The data is then stored either off-site at the secure PB Tech Backup Service site or at your data center where it can be retrieved and restored with just a few mouse clicks.

Fully Automated Backup and Reliable Recovery

Backups are performed automatically and continuously, so data is protected as it is created. The PB Tech Backup Service Solution provides fully automated backup over the Internet or private network connection, for uninterrupted enterprise productivity. Data is moved off-site to a remote and secure facility, without manual IT intervention.

At every step, from the moment it leaves your server until it is safely stored in our remote data center, your data is completely secure and protected.

Even recovery is automated. You select the data to be recovered from a catalog of archived file versions and PB Tech Backup Service automatically restores the data to your location.

With PB Tech Backup Service, the time you save on backup and recovery lets you focus on more mission-critical projects for your business.

Central Management

With PB Tech Backup Service, you retain complete control of your backup operations. You can create customized backup policies, check status, delegate responsibilities across your enterprise and initiate restore operations whenever needed.

Roles-based access control lets you define access levels for various user classes across your organization. You can also control archival requirements to ensure your remote offices conform to corporate and regulatory guidelines.

Flexible Bandwidth Management

After an initial backup, the PB Tech Server Backup and Recovery Solution transmits only the changes to files, minimizing bandwidth consumption. Bandwidth throttling also enables you to control the amount of bandwidth used during specific time periods.

Subscription Service

PB Tech Backup and Recovery Solution provides secure, off-site data storage, instant scalability and unmatched ease of use and requires no capital investment.

Pricing, Plans and Add-ons

Option 1

Backup space - $100 per server per month

Option 2

Cloud accessible in the event of failure - $190 per server per month

Option 3

Cloud accessible in the event of failure, plus a quarterly boot and data restoration test and report - $250 per server per month


- Temporary use of PB servers in the event of failure - $400 per server per week*
- Portable hard drive copies of data - $200, plus hard drives at current price
- Setup cost $0 with 24 month contract
- Bandwidth at PB Tech $0


- Internet costs at customer site
- Licensing and hardware on customers site
- Onsite restoration
- Onsite support of M.A.C's with backup agent

*Dual processor host with 64GB Memory

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