Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E250BW 250GB , 3D V-NAND, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 540MB/s/520MB/s, 97K/88K IOPS, 2.5". 7mm, 5 Years Warranty

Instantly see your computer speeds improve dramatically
  • Brand: Samsung
  • MPN: MZ-75E250BW
  • Part #: HDDSAM3250
  • UPC:887276086033

RRP: $199.00
RRP: $228.85
$149.00  +GST$171.35 INC

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Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E250BW 250GB , 3D V-NAND, SATA III 6GB/s, R/W(Max) 540MB/s/520MB/s, 97K/88K IOPS, 2.5". 7mm, 5 Years Warranty

Instantly see your computer speeds improve dramatically
  • Brand: Samsung
  • MPN: MZ-75E250BW
  • Part #: HDDSAM3250
  • UPC:887276086033

RRP: $199.00
RRP: $228.85
$149.00  +GST$171.35
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  • SSD Capacity
    250 GB
  • Read Speed
    540 MBps
  • Write Speed
    520 MBps
  • Interface
  • Form Factor
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RRP: $199.00
$149.00Excluding GST
RRP: $228.85
$171.35Including GST
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Read what other PB Tech customers are saying about this product...
Guest 6 November 2015
"Bought two, upgraded two laptops...the result astonishing. It only takes four seconds to boot up. Don't hesitate BUY IT NOW =)"
Adrian P. VERIFIED OWNER 5 November 2015
"Upgraded my mid 2011 MacBok Pro with one of these and now it flies again. Don't hesitate and the swap is as easy as pie. A+"
Barry 25 September 2015
"Turned my 6 year old Macbook Pro into a perfectly usable machine again. So I just saved $1300.
Installation was a breeze with the Crucial SSD transfer kit and built in MacOS disk utility."


Upgrade virtually every aspect of your computer's performance with Samsung's new 850 EVO, designed with state-of-the-art SSD advancements including 3D V-NAND technology. As the next generation beyond the bestselling 840 EVO, you'll get the 850 EVO's new 3 dimensional chip design that enables superior performance, greater reliability and superior energy efficiency so you can work and play faster and longer than ever before.


3D V-NAND Technology

Samsung's innovative 3D V-NAND flash memory architecture breaks through density, performance, and endurance limitations of today's conventional planar NAND architecture. Samsung 3D V-NAND stacks 32 cell layers vertically resulting in higher density and better performance utilizing a smaller footprint.


Incredible Read/Write Speeds

Achieve incredible read/write performance to maximize your everyday computing experience with Samsung's TurboWrite technology. You can obtain up to 1.9x faster performance than the award-winning Samsung 840 EVO. The 850 EVO delivers class-leading performance in sequential read (540MB/s) and write (520MB/s) speeds. Plus, gain optimized random performance in all QD for better real-world performance.


Enhanced RAPID mode

Samsung's Magician software enables RAPID Mode for up to 2x faster performance by utilizing unused PC memory (DRAM) as a high-speed cache. The newest version of Samsung Magician supports up to a 4 GB cache on a system with 16 GB of DRAM.


Guaranteed Endurance and reliability

The 850 EVO doubles the endurance and reliability compared to the previous generation 840 EVO and features a class-leading 5 year warranty. With enhanced long-term reliability, the 850 EVO assures longterm dependable performance of up to 30% longer than the previous generation 840 EVO.


Product Type
Solid State Drive

SATA 6Gb/s Interface, compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s interface

250 GB (1GB=1 Billionbyte by IDEMA)
* Actual usable capacity may be less (due to formatting, partitioning, operating system, applications or otherwise)

Sequential Read Speed
Up to 540 MB/sec Sequential Read:
* Performance may vary based on system hardware & configuration

Sequential Write Speed
Up to 520 MB/sec Sequential Write:
* Performance may vary based on system hardware & configuration

Memory Speed
Samsung 32 layer 3D V-NAND
Samsung 256 MB Low Power DDR3 SDRAM

Manufacturer Part No: MZ-75E250BW Brand: Samsung Product Type: -
UPC 887276086033 Product Family: - Shipping Weight: 0.1 kg
PB Part No: HDDSAM3250 Product Model: -

Warranty: 60 months *
* Warranty period is as stated above unless the manufacturer has chosen to specify a longer period.
All warranties are return to base unless otherwise specified.

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nope, would just come with the SSD drive, a CD and manual to install. No sata cable
Answered by: PB Tech on 19 June 2017


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Recent Reviews

James F. VERIFIED OWNER 26 September 2017
Great upgrade for a mid-2010 Macbook Pro. Super fast!
Connor 11 September 2017
Great product, made my computer much faster.
Ben M. VERIFIED OWNER 7 September 2017
Performance is great for my new build. Highly recommend
Cormac M. VERIFIED OWNER 3 August 2017
Easy to install with flawless performance.
Snow 27 July 2017
Put one of these bad boys into my Mac mini that was running like a dog. Huuuge improvement... would definitely recommend!
Sajan S. 23 June 2017
Great drive. Seen good increases in speed. Was very easy to put in and clone old drive. Highly recommended!
Darryn G. 22 May 2017
Brilliant. Wish we had upgraded earlier. Boots up lightening fast.
Brad 11 May 2017
Not quite the cheapest retailer for it, but paying extra for Samsung SSDs is well worth it. Well worth it.
Scott 30 March 2017
I have 4 Samsung 850 Evos in a few different systems, excellent drive for the money and being able to clone a running drive is awesome.
Dante S. VERIFIED OWNER 27 March 2017
Great SSD for getting started on
Matthew H. 27 February 2017
Love this drive, have one in my Mac Book Pro as well! Back to double down on one for my workstation ;)
Sam 13 February 2017
Excellent speed, no problem installing and works fine with Mac OS X, Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.
Simon T. VERIFIED OWNER 30 January 2017
Best money I ever spent upgrading two laptops that were running slow. Both load and run much faster than before. Love the fact that it comes with software to clone your old drive complete with its OS....
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Aidan VERIFIED OWNER 20 January 2017
This is the first SSD drive I've ever had, and after using this I'd never go back to a mechanical HHD, my OS takes just 6sec to fully load, it also comes with storage management software to...
View More
Caleb VERIFIED OWNER 19 December 2016
Made my old slow laptop lightning fast. Well worth the price.
Jaye 8 December 2016
Great product at a great price. Blows the competition away.
Jerry 6 December 2016
5 year warranty, Great speeds, Doesn't explode
Love it
Stu 5 December 2016
It turns a very average computer into something way better. I'm starting to think my older laptop could benefit from one as well.
Guest 18 November 2016
Running Vista. 6 months old and now freezing up computer, badly. Unable to resolve yet!!
Andrew B. VERIFIED OWNER 10 November 2016
Easy data transfer, 5 year warranty, huge increase in performance - a must buy!
Rowan VERIFIED OWNER 3 November 2016
5 year warranty, better than 3 year warranty. good performance
Sammy J. 20 October 2016
Outstanding drive. Totally transformed our desktop. Just buy one you won't regret it!
Nick 10 October 2016
Great drive - fast and reliable, easy to migrate data to. Really sped up boot time from mechanical drive.
Lawrence 26 September 2016
Wasn't sure about samsung drives, but was pleasantly surprised, never had an issue with them being picked up by bios, and reliability has been perfect, this is now my "go to" drive for...
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Kyle M. VERIFIED OWNER 18 August 2016
No problems with this SSD so far, was simple to plug and play with the speeds as advertised.
just installed this in my girlfriend's mid 2010 Macbook Pro - working great so far!
Paul VERIFIED OWNER 25 July 2016
Work well with my ancient Macbook 2008
Melissa O. 11 July 2016
Great hard drive, went from a 5 minute boot time (ancient laptop hard drive) to booting faster than my husband's pc.
Well worth the money.
Nate S. VERIFIED OWNER 27 June 2016
At first I was worried when it took over 2 minutes to boot XP in my laptop but after installing asus disk defrag and enabling SSD optimisation is was shortened to 45 seconds and working well now. It&...
View More
Robert VERIFIED OWNER 21 June 2016
Started with one, ended up purchasing 3.
Very simple migration in standard laptop, NUC and Apple.
Exception performance improvement in the older machines.
Brent A. VERIFIED OWNER 19 June 2016
Great product, great price.
Sergey VERIFIED OWNER 16 June 2016
Excellent balance quality/price. Best choice!
Val C. 16 June 2016
Easy installation and has made a massive difference with the performance of my laptop. Was also stoked to receive the package so quickly, ordered late one night and received it first thing in the...
View More
Jack 13 June 2016
New PC boots and loads everything faster than my old PC with a standard HDD could get to the windows screen. 10/10
Tony M. VERIFIED OWNER 11 June 2016
Very good SSD. Gave my spare desktop a new lease on life.
Matt VERIFIED OWNER 9 June 2016
I use these all the time because they have 5yr warranty, and are super fast. very happy with them
Adam B. VERIFIED OWNER 28 May 2016
Load times are insanely fast now ive brought this SSD! Defiantly worth the buy, 10/10
Jordan VERIFIED OWNER 16 May 2016
This is the first SSD I have owned, and the speed difference is massive. Very pleased with this purchase
Brian B. VERIFIED OWNER 2 May 2016
Performs as you would expect from a high quality SSD, plus it has a great warranty.
Scott 18 April 2016
I purchased two of these to replace an aging early edition solid state drive and an aging hard drive for my games. These are AMAZING. Why did I not do this sooner!
Chris S. VERIFIED OWNER 30 March 2016
Great boost to that old laptop
Neville 25 February 2016
Installed it in my 8 year old desktop and it now goes like new or better. Much better than buying a new box.
Colin B. 14 February 2016
This is the SSD you want.
Guest 1 February 2016
Pretty good
Michael D. 21 January 2016
Very happy!
Luke R. VERIFIED OWNER 18 January 2016
Very Happy with this Product A+++
Ethan C. 26 December 2015
Very impressed with the product. Gave my desktop a much needed speed boost. The software worked seamlessly with Windows 10 (I had heard stories that it didn't,) and was easy to install. Although...
View More
Doug W. VERIFIED OWNER 24 December 2015
Very pleased with this product, its software is very good also. My PC now boots in about 12 seconds!
Tim VERIFIED OWNER 21 December 2015
This SSD tuned my very medium laptop with a dual core i7-5500U, into something far more snappy and responsive. A great investment. It's like I have a proper i7 now.
Guest 10 December 2015
Happy with the speed boost especially on startup. Installation was easy. The Samsung 850 EVO 250Gb SSD doesn't come with any other cables so you may need extra power/data cables for desktop or a...
View More
Guest 10 December 2015
Bought for macbook pro 2013, has made a HUGE difference laptop faster than when bought. Mac online recovery mode makes the process very easy.
Kevin 10 December 2015
Bought one to replace the disk in my work laptop, and what a difference it has made. No longer waiting for the hard drive to respond and the boot up time has been dramatically reduced. Thinking...
View More
Hamed H. VERIFIED OWNER 3 December 2015
Spectacular drive. Used to upgrade a macbook pro 2010 and HP probook 2011 and it just made the experience of installing/upgrading OS and software a breeze, and not to mention overall system...
View More
Aman P. VERIFIED OWNER 3 December 2015
Easy to install on MacbookPro. Couldn't install OSX from a USB installer like I have with the Crucial SSDs (the disk couldn't be made available), but it worked fine when using Reinstall OSX...
View More
Macboi 23 November 2015
Really satisfied with this drive and performance boost its given an aging mac.. A++
Scott N. VERIFIED OWNER 17 November 2015
Great product. Install was easy, just plugged it in, put the CD in and followed the onscreen instructions for cloning the existing drive that this was replacing. Super fast and Windows now loads in...
View More
Guestjim R. 11 November 2015
just purchased laptop,on grandsons advice he fitted software and have no problem on startup,compared to similar laptops where a wait of minutes can be the norm.
Chris 9 November 2015
Easy install and the supplied software enabled easy transfer of Windows and other files I selected onto the SSD. Great upgrade for my desktop PC.
Guest 6 November 2015
Bought two, upgraded two laptops...the result astonishing. It only takes four seconds to boot up. Don't hesitate BUY IT NOW =)
Adrian P. VERIFIED OWNER 5 November 2015
Upgraded my mid 2011 MacBok Pro with one of these and now it flies again. Don't hesitate and the swap is as easy as pie. A+
Imran B. 4 November 2015
Great piece of hardware at a great price. I am able to boot into windows 10 in less than 10 seconds which is very impressive
Jason K. VERIFIED OWNER 26 October 2015
Great SSD - Great price, had to buy two!
Matt (. 20 October 2015
Installed into my 5 year old Mac Book Pro. Quad Core i7, decided I may as well upgrade it. Been using it for a year since and still amazingly fast! Totally worth the price to upgrade. Include RAM and...
View More
Ray B. VERIFIED OWNER 5 October 2015
Drive goes well. Windows 10 transfered easy with software
Barry 25 September 2015
Turned my 6 year old Macbook Pro into a perfectly usable machine again. So I just saved $1300.
Installation was a breeze with the Crucial SSD transfer kit and built in MacOS disk utility.
Guest 14 September 2015
My laptop boots in 14 to 18 seconds that's fast for a 2011 computer with windows 7 - The 850EVO 250GB for $177 is a must have.
Clive 9 July 2015
Win 8.1 install. Runs very well however the included Samsung software for transferring data did not work for me.
Guest 11 April 2015
No Desktop adaptor kit included - Buy an Intel instead
Rob S. 13 March 2015
I have one with fresh Win 8.1 Install. Runs well in my rig, the POST processing takes longer time than Windows start up.
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