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Can you use this on a 2.0 USB laptop connection
Asked by: C on 16 February 2019
Yes it was operate as USB 2.0
Answered by: PB Tech on 18 February 2019
Yes it will work
Answered by: PB Tech on 15 May 2018
What are the read write speeds of this drive
Asked by: little looper on 8 January 2018
The back up HDD allows you to back up your files using your mobile phone while this one cannot, they both equally as good for media play back
Answered by: PB Tech on 16 October 2017
Is it compatible with USB2?
Asked by: Stu on 1 September 2017
Yes it's compatible but you won't experience the lightning data transfer speed that you get from a USB 3.0 port.
Answered by: PB Tech on 4 September 2017
Will this work as an extension for the xbox one ?
Asked by: Bharat on 23 August 2017
It's better to get some shockproof ones, we have a few in stock. If it's a hard drop your data may be lost with this drive.
Answered by: PB Tech on 24 August 2017
Yes it will work with that
Answered by: PB Tech on 18 August 2017
Hey Ricky, Sorry this Hard drive can be used for storing Tv shows and other data, but i am not sure it can be used to record freeview shows
Answered by: PB Tech on 28 July 2017
you would have to format it first using a computer, and it would be able to support both NTFS and FAT32
Answered by: PB Tech on 26 July 2017
is this mac compatable?
Asked by: Teresa on 11 June 2017
Hi Teresa, this will work on MAC, but you will need to format it once only on the Mac before using it (takes a few minutes)
Answered by: PB Tech on 12 June 2017
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