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This is not TOUCH SCREEN model ..Currently we do not have any Asus Touch model in that price segment uless you want to go for Chromebook like
Answered by: PB Tech on 14 August 2020
Not recommended, especially if you start to expand to bigger and better things. Allowing for the CPU Turbo Boost this technically meets the minimum requirements of VS Code, however it's likely to still be pushing it. Anything more involved than VS Code will almost certainly be beyond what this can capably handle. I would recommend something along the lines of an 8th gen i3 or better, with 8GB RAM.
Answered by: PB Tech on 6 April 2020
The device will automatically boost up as required, our display unit was sitting comfortably around 2.4GHz, but in situations like watching fullscreen video you can expect it to max out at 2.6GHz
Answered by: PB Tech on 6 March 2020
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