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It is only a router that needs a modem or can plug directly into ONT if you have fibre.
Answered by: PB Tech on 19 August 2020
Answered by: PB Tech on 16 April 2020
Yes it will. I also have Spark on Chorus Fibre ONT. Just make sure you go to the additional LAN settings to get it working. Fill out the normal WAN settings that are shown on PB Tech product page with the ASUS 68U model. You have to go to another additional menu to get it working with this model. Under "Advanced Settings" go to.. LAN > IPTV Under "LAN Port" is a setting called "Select ISP Profile" in the drop-down select "Manual Setting" Below "Select ISP Profile" is another setting called "Internet" make sure VID is 10 Leave everything the same and hit Apply. I hope this helps. Hopefully PB Tech will update this page with router setting images.
Answered by: PeterV76
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