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No, not out of the box. You can directly connect this to your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) (I'm assuming that's what you mean by "fibre cable box") But it won't work. You need to connect it directly to a PC or laptop with a RJ45 lead and change some settings. Spark, for instance, has a page listing the settings that you need to change to make it work. I had to do this on the Netgear RBK50 too. I have to say that it wasn't too hard and the interface (settings page) is really good. Then connect it to your ONT. Sparks page: Adjust the settings to match the following: • Operating mode: MDI/MDIX • PPP protocol: PPPoE • PPP username: • PPP password: password • PPP auth type: PAP • PPP mode: Always on (dial on demand disabled) • Encapsulation: 802.1Q • PCP marking: 0 • VID (or VLAN): 10 • MTU: Auto or 1500 Note: You may not need to fill out all these fields. You don't need a specific PPP username and password, but you won't be able to connect if either field is blank.
Answered by: DominicT31
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